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Please Read This Before Posting Here


We have set up this special section of our forum where members are very welcome to post about their own projects and tell us all how wonderful they are.

HOWEVER, To keep this section from becoming a dumping ground for advertisements, we have some guidelines:

* Do not just copy and paste some advertising blurb or description of your services from your website! If you do, this will be removed as spam.
* If you are a marketing person from your company, do not post here; We have nothing against marketing people but this section is ONLY for the actual developers to post on.
* Your post needs to explain your relation to the company or product, and needs to be your own description of why you think the product might be of interest to the members of the forum; if that seems like too much work, then don't post.
* Do not post about minor version updates to commercial software.
* Do not post about discounts to your commercial product too frequently -- no more than once per year
Also note:

* Companies may not attack or insult each other on our forum.  If you violate this rule your posts will be deleted and you will be banned.

We want people to express their opinions about software.
We understand that authors have opinions too - and personally i think the general rule most forums have that prevent people from talking about their own software is silly.

BUT we take VERY seriously the obligation of disclosure - you absolutely must disclose when you have a relationship with a company or product when you post about it.

(if you post in this section it will be assumed you have a relationship with the company so it's not necesary to reiterate that when posting here).


While this site (unlike many) allows people to post announcements about their services, we do require that you be a real person making a real unique post telling our members about a project you are involved with.

Because of the large number of advertisers/spammers we will delete posts that are just cut and paste jobs listing standard info about your company.  You need to write a personal message here in this section if you want it to be read and not deleted.

Please note that as of December 14, 2009 -- I've changed the guidelines to make them a little more stringent and specifically say that you can't simply paste in some blurb about your product -- you have to write a real human post if you want to tell us about your product.


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