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DONE: Have list of URLs, and, in Chrome, manually load one, then next, etc.

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Let's mark it DONE.  Thanks guys.

Marked as Completed & Moved to "Finished Programs" section :)

@Stephen66515  The next step, if anyone is still interested, is to add button to open the NEXT URL in the list.

Opening all at once is good.  But what's truly needed out there is the ability to open one at a time.  Click button, open the NEXT.

Sadly, the **browser extension** "Flem" which did the above in Firefox was non-working in the new Firefox releases.  And now non-working in the replacement-for-Firefox Waterfox new releases.


I'm really sorry but this project was done like 7 years ago on an old computer and I never saved the code so I have absolutely no way to add anything to it.

If you need anything added to it then you will need to post in Coding Snacks or somewhere to ask someone to make you a new bit of software (I haven't coded in about 2 years now except for tiny utilities for myself).

Sorry again,


Oh, the source for RegaLink it in its post here on DC if anybody wants to take it on!


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