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DONE: Have list of URLs, and, in Chrome, manually load one, then next, etc.

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Have you changed anything else in the script? The backtick-n in the StringSplit line is leading in splitting the array up, but it didn't even get confused when I converted the file to unix-line-ends in stead of the default dos-line-ends.
Maybe there are hidden (backspace) characters in your script?

Ath, are you asking ME?  I wouldn't change ANYTHING except what is suggested.

I'm kinda clueless regarding AutoHotkey.

Skwire, adding the extra sleep step did the magic.  I can attest we have a working solution here now.

Maybe someone can make a stand-alone tool.  But at least we have a way that works.  Thanks much, Skwire.

Ah, busy system, yeah, an extra delay helps a lot then. Great it got resolved.

I've been thinking about that gui, but I'm not quite fluent in AHK, so lets wait a little first :tellme:

Pretty self explanatory GUI app for this:

SendURL.rar (94 kB - downloaded 780 times.)

Will add more features if needed.

Thanks to Renegade for providing me with a big hand on this.


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