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DONE: Have list of URLs, and, in Chrome, manually load one, then next, etc.

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Say we have a list of 100 URLs, and want to load these one at a time in Chrome.  Not in different tabs, but in the same tab.  Suppose that only one tab is needed, and only one tab will then be open.

I'd like to manually move through these URLs, spending as much time as I want on the opened page, then clicking or pressing a button and moving on to the next page.

Preferably the pages already visited can be deleted from the list, at some point.

Preferably the list can be saved, and brought up again, so that progress can be continued with the remaining URLs.

Preferably one can have more than one such list.

Thanks for suggestions, or possibly a program.

Nicholas Kormanik

neat idea.

It would be pretty easy to make a browser-neutral version that just had a list of urls, where you clicked on to move it to a "Done" list and it opened the url in the default or specified folder.

The only limitation is that it probably wouldn't be able to close the existing tab for you, so you'd have to do that manually.

I like the idea of a browser neutral tool.  There are some fun things you could do with this too, including keeping track of the date that each url was viewed, and maybe some notes associated with it..

There is an add-in that does roughly the same in Firefox, called Flem.  But at present I prefer using Chrome.

There is an add-in that does roughly the same in Firefox, called Flem.  But at present I prefer using Chrome.
-nkormanik (March 12, 2013, 04:06 AM)
--- End quote ---

Have you tried contacting the add-in author?  Sometimes they're open to porting it; they just might not initially see the need.

Here's a basic AHK example that seems to work in Firefox, IE, and Chrome.  Run it, focus your browser, and use Ctrl+Right and Ctrl+Left to cycle through the list.  Of course, change the URL list to suit.

--- Code: Autohotkey ---myURLs =(http://www.donationcoder.comhttp://www.filehippo.com  StringSplit, myURLsArray, myURLs, `n  ^Right::{    myCounter++    % ( myCounter > myURLsArray0 ) ? ( myCounter := 1 ) : ()    URL_GoTo( myCounter )}Return  ^Left::{    myCounter--    % ( myCounter < 1 ) ? ( myCounter := myURLsArray0 ) : ()    URL_GoTo( myCounter )    }Return  URL_GoTo( _URLnum ){    myURL := "myURLsArray" . _URLnum    SendInput, ^l    Sleep, 300    SendInput, % %myURL%    Sleep, 750    SendInput, {ENTER}}


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