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Amazon creepy ...

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Sounds brilliant ... really secure browsing ... painfully slow and almost no functionality beyond plain text and pictures ;)-Carol Haynes (March 12, 2013, 06:58 PM)
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Painful to set up, perhaps, but after that it should be faster than regular browsing...

RequestPolicy seems like a decent extra for the security minded - probably covers some of the stuff I want(ed) in RefControl. I'm sure their functionality could be combined and UX-improved, though :P. Anyway, going to take RequestPolicy for a spin, thanks for mentioning it, Ehtyar!

Ah, already liking RequestPolicy!

Been browsing around for a couple of hours (since the last post, basically), and have probably visited more unique sites than I had before the previous Collusion graph I posted... and yet this is the result:

Amazon creepy ...

Also, pageloads generally seem a bit snappier - no wonder, there's plenty less HTTP requests, plenty less data being transferred, and plenty less USELESS JavaScript being executed. And I'm talking useless as in "stuff that doesn't affect my experience", not useless as in "js is a useless language" :-)

Interesting that you have a lot of 3rd party sites that show no connection to a visited site - are they due to cookies or referer?

EDIT: Forgot, are you still forging the referer 'cos that would explain it.

Nope, not forging now, blocking - if I were forging, all sites would be connecting to the one forged referrer (btw, when I say "forge" I mean "forge with a custom string", not "forging to site base address" which is RefControls (somewhat badly chosen, IMHO) definition of "forge").

Most of the bubbles (probably 90%) on the above screenshots are sites I've actually visited - a few being legitimate external requests that I've let through RequestPolicy. I haven't done any thorough tests, but I think that any requested site, cookies or not, ends up generating a node. Edges obviously represents referrers.

I block 3rd-party cookies, but other than that I do allow them, and I don't wipe them after sessions have terminated. There's a lot of places where cookies are required or just pretty darn convenient. Dunno if there's much use in being ├╝ber-watchful of cookies once you disallow 3rd-party ones? Especially with all the other filtering being done by extensions?


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