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Listary 4 released - tons of new features

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removed the previous version and did a clean install. the new version definitely feels more zippier. thanks @Channing! :up:

I welcome the new version!  Thanks.

Just fyi for folks, I use Listary along with Direct Folders.  Listary is the main tool, for all the features it supports.  The overlapping features in DF I turn off.  The ones I leave on are:
--the info panel (useful for navigation and floats above the window)
--resizing the window, and default sort (detail mode) (Listary doesn't do this)

one thing neither program does is allow the user to set the column widths in detail mode.  I always find the default column width of the first column (the filename) to be too narrow.  I always want it to be wider.  Can't find a way to do this.  A feature request, if I may!

A screenshot of both in action:
Listary 4 released - tons of new features
Listary 4 released - tons of new features

I must say, this is pretty cool!

Thanks rjbull for the post, and thanks Curt for the replies  :Thmbsup
-Channing (March 08, 2013, 07:55 AM)
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Thanks for the response on Dopus Channing!
I wuz intending to follow up and search help/forum (guess I really should have done that first :-[)

Have been running v4 throughout the beta testing period, and gotta say I love it  :-*

Instant system wide searches is fantastic.

Good job Channing  :Thmbsup:


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