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Crowdfunding a life goal.

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Hey guys,

I am interesting in hearing your thoughts on this subject.  Basically, I am trying to fund a life goal, but, am not really pushing the whole site link or anything, yet, I logged in to my paypal earlier, and noticed a pretty nice donation had landed on it.  Now, I have not sent ANYBODY this link, so it was obviously somebody just browsing on Indiegogo and wanted to help.

Now...Question this something anybody here has tried, or will try?  I mean...It has obviously struck up somebodies interest enough to donate a nice amount...

Inspiring someone to maybe also take a step of their own does work.

Inspiring someone to maybe also take a step of their own does work.

-rgdot (March 06, 2013, 09:01 PM)
--- End quote ---

Had to read that like 6 times before it made sense...brain malfunction to the max.

Yes, I suppose it might have inspired them, or perhaps it was something they have achieved, and want to help others do.

I don't really wanna push the project too much though as I feel like it is shameless self-promotion (If you know what I mean)

(My posts should always come with a disclaimer: English not my mother tongue + not smart = bad combination)

I wouldn't call it self promotion. If it is helping you achieve something it's a good thing. Plus it can also help someone else.

Well, the link it in my forum sig, I think that is enough for this :P

Anyway, is this something you (or anybody else) have thought about doing?


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