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Personal keylogger

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I need a program to store everything I type, I think it's called keylogger, but I want it to be portable and not detected as virus

is there any?


rjbull recommends -
So, it that keylogger free to use?-EmmaL (April 25, 2012, 02:04 AM)
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* Emsa Save My Work
* PowerPro -rjbull (April 25, 2012, 08:44 AM)
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Emsa is no more.
Powerpro is still with us though. Not sure how it works as a keylogger (it does a huge amount of stuff)

tspion - A nifty, light, and portable keylogger for legal monitoring purposes.


Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7

This program is written in D. It uses a global hook to record keystrokes.

Just an experimental project made in two nights.

Interestingly this does not seem to require administrator privileges on Windows 7.


This software is NOT to be used for purposes that invade other people's privacy. This software comes with absolutely NO warranty whatsoever. You are responsible for how you use this software. Most important notice of all: Ctrl-Shift-Alt-S to shut this program down.

Some antivirus programs may detect this as a keylogging malware. That's okay because this program doesn't hide its keylogging capabilities at all (other than being compressed with UPX, but what modern antivirus does not have the UPX unpacker builtin?).
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Just a note, if you download launch_1.2.1.exe, then MSE will complain because of the UPX packing.  If you run the extracted keylogger, (which isn't packed), MSE doesn't say a word.

And here's some output, (daten.txt in executables folder):
testing one two tr[BACKSPACE]hree
george smithtspion[SHIFT][HOME][CTRL]v - [CTRL(5)]c[BACKSPACE(3)]

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- [SHIFT]A nifty, light and portable keylogger.[CTRL]c[CTRL]v[DOWN(33)]

[SHIFT]Just a note, if you download launch[SHIFT]_1.2.1.exe, then [SHIFT]MSE will complain.  [SHIFT]If you run the extracted keylogger, [SHIFT]MSE makes[BACKSPACE(6)] doesn't say a word.[CTRL][SHIFT][ALT]S
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It only logs physical keypresses, ie. it won't log stuff that's pasted.

Take a look at programs like Gecko Monitor, PC Pandora, Spyagent or Webwatcher

The problem with these programs is that they have malicious intentions and they are stealth

I need something only for recovering typed and copied text and stuff


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