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Qiqqa - Reference Management System - Mini-Review

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Original post:2013-03-04Last updated:2013-06-28
Basic Info
App Name (FREE version)Thumbs-Up Rating :Thmbsup: :Thmbsup: :Thmbsup: :Thmbsup: :Thmbsup:App URL Version Reviewedv55sTest System SpecsWin7-64 Home PremiumSupported OSes
* Windows XP, Vista and 7 and 8.
* also an Android version.Support Methods
* Qiqqa User Manual.
* Online Help.
* FAQ.
* User Forum.
* Instructional videos:  lots on YouTube, including:
 - Tutorial | Qiqqa - YouTube
 - Qiqqa Tutorial: Manage your research PDF collection with ease!
 - Qiqqa tutorials: How to use Qiqqa InCite to write your bibliographies
 - Qiqqa Tutorials: Adding bibliographic information to your PDFs
 - Qiqqa Tutorials: Brainstorms
Upgrade PolicyFREE - as and when available.Trial Version Available?FREE - NO limitations.Pricing Scheme
* FREE version -  $0.00 (local PC-based).
* Premium -        $3.99/month (includes Cloud use).
* Premium Plus - $24.99 per month (includes Cloud use).
Screenshot of the main tabbed GUI pane, showing the Local Guest Library tab:
(Image 01. Click image to enlarge.)
Qiqqa - Reference Management System - Mini-Review

On 2012-11-04, I made this comment in a discussion thread Re: organize data for research
* Reference Management software: There is good software in this category that could be seriously useful in research work. For example:

* Calibre: take a look at the review thread Calibre - e-Book (Personal Library/Document) Management - Mini-Review

* Qiqqa: I have been using this for a while now and should really do something about posting a review of it - the website is
-IainB (November 04, 2012, 03:49 PM)
--- End quote ---
- so this is the belated review of Qiqqa.

Summary description of Qiqqa:
Qiqqa contains everything you essentially need for the five stages of commercial or academic research work/projects:

* 1. Organize
* 2. Discover
* 3. Review
* 4. Collaborate
* 5. Create
Most of these projects require collecting and reading a large number of papers or "knowledge items" - sometimes thousands of documents. The sheer volume of these documents can sometimes make it difficult to work with them, sift through them, and keep things under control.
Qiqqa was designed with this task in mind, and it has these main features to help you keep those documents under control and to keep your knowledge expanding coherently:

* 1. Comprehensive PDF document management.
* 2. The ability to import documents to the Qiqqa library/database.
* 3. OCR of imaged documents, with capture of text contained in any imaged PDF documents.
* 4. Automatic collection/creation of metadata for the documents.
* 5. "Super Tag" functionality to categorise and cross-reference your document content.
* 6. Sophisticated Find/Search functionality.
* 7. Ability to export the contents of your Qiqqa library/database.
* 8. Knowledge analysis/discovery.
* 9. Research web browser.
* 10. Brainstorming (Mindmaps).
* 11. Knowledge-linking.
1. Comprehensive PDF document management.

* Qiqqa becomes the main library stock control for all your PDF documents.
* You can add PDFs into Qiqqa libraries as you find them, rapidly search and find them in your libraries when you need them, and read and work with them via Qiqqa.
* You can create as many libraries in Qiqqa as you need for keeping your work categorised/segmented.
* Qiqqa can handle thousands of PDFs within each library.
* Document previews are provided without opening them, for fastest visual searches.
* You can have a bird's eye view of each library before you dip in.
* You can quickly spot and access recently-added documents, or those that the Qiqqa algorithms suggest that you may need to read next.
* You can generate "vanilla references" (metadata) for PDF documents that you don’t yet have, but want to add a reference for in anticpation. As and when you get the document at a later date, you can attach it to the metadata.
* Automatic duplicate detection alerts ensure that, however large your library, you don't end up with the otherwise inevitable collection of duplicate papers from different sources.
2. The ability to import documents to the Qiqqa library/database.

* Import all your PDFs to the Qiqqa library from your drive in one go, or drag and drop them at any time.
* Import from other programs - e.g., import all your existing papers and references from Mendeley™, Zotero™, EndNote™, or Jab Ref - or any other program that can export to BibTeX format.
* Automatically import documents from your hard drive by setting-up a "watch folder" to have any new PDFs automatically imported - e.g., your internet browser download folder location, or a university network share, or similar.The imported/copied source PDF documents are stored/scanned/indexed in folders in the Qiqqa databases subfolder. This subfolder is either in the default location or a location assigned by the user, as here:
(Image 02.)

The folders/documents in this subfolder are easily accessible and do not appear to be held in or constrained by a proprietary database - (say) a structured SQL database (as, for example, in SharePoint).

3. OCR of imaged documents, with capture of text contained in imaged documents.

* Optical character recognition is useful for any PDFs that are essentially a collection of images of text. No program can otherwise search their text, or allow you to copy and paste, without OCR.
* Without OCR, the knowledge value contained in an imaged PDF is thus effectively locked away.
* Qiqqa comes with an automatic and powerful built-in OCR functionality (unlike many/most other reference management systems). You can then perform fast full-text searches of such documents, get automatic abstracts, keyword extraction, and so forth.
4. Automatic collection/creation of metadata for the documents.

* The key to harnessing the knowledge contained in your documents is accurate metadata (title, author, publication, etc.). Unfortunately, PDFs very often come with poor metadata, if any. Qiqqa tackles this problem head on.
* If your document contains no metadata at all, Qiqqa looks for text items that look like the title/author/year, and uses that automatically, so you don’t have to type it in - the metadata is auto-populated.
* Qiqqa employs the metadata standard BibTeX. It is extensively used in Qiqqa. For those familiar with using BibTeX, this will be a boon. For those unfamiliar with BibTeX, you’ll find it relatively easy to learn to use with Qiqqa’s BibTeX metadata editor.
* Qiqqa employs a BibTeX metadata sniffer, and can automatically search Google Scholar for the correct metadata, and then import it directly. If you have downloaded (say) 50 papers, but none of them have metadata, then filling this in by hand would take ages. Qiqqa enables you to import a collection of documents and have them OCRed and metadataed in a relatively very short time.
* Alongside the metadata are your own attributes and notes, so you can keep track of your thoughts and progress on individual papers with document attributes.
5. "Super Tag" functionality to categorise and cross-reference your document content.

* Tags are a convenient and quick way of grouping documents. You can add tags to any document, and then subsequently use the Tag Explorer to navigate to them quickly.
* If your documents are already in a neat directory structure on your hard drive, then Qiqqa can use those folder names as tags. Tags can also be made from PDF keywords.
* Qiqqa learns what your documents are about, and can auto-tag them for you so you don’t have to. You can even give it hints about which tags to include/exclude.
* Most applications only support “flat” tags. Qiqqa allows you to drill down a nested tag hierarchy when finding documents - e.g., those tagged “History”, then only those tagged with “history” and “middle ages”, then only those tagged with “history” and “middle ages” and “France”.
* Tags can apply to annotations too, and will show up in the Tag Explorer.
6. Sophisticated Find/Search functionality.

* You can carry out full-text searches across your entire library using a sophisticated built-in search engine.
* Results are ranked, and shown directly in your library screen, with previews.
* "Google-like" searches: most applications can only search for the literal letters you’re searching for. Qiqqa looks similar to Google Search, so you can use wildcards, fuzzies, looking for words near other words, and of course Booleans (e.g., "fried green" NOT tomatoes).
* You can combine your search queries across multiple aspects to filter your library and hone in on your target, and then, if necessary, sort those results (or your entire library) to find the exact item.
7. Ability to export the contents of your Qiqqa library/database.

* Qiqqa is designed to avoid lock-in. You can export your entire library to a combined BibTeX file for import elsewhere. All your PDFs are included with smart links in an html page, so you can easily access them by tag, author, and title, even without Qiqqa.
* You can also backup a snapshot of all your Qiqqa work at any time to a portable .ZIP archive file - could be useful, for example, if you want to establish a recoverable backup breakpoint prior to making big changes in the database content.
8. Knowledge analysis/discovery.
Qiqqa contains some unique tools to help you to:

* discover new papers to read
* discover information about papers you already have
* discover where to focus your effortsYou can carry out a Library Analysis using Qiqqa's unique ability to harness the latest in computational linguistic algorithms. Qiqqa Expedition™ automatically breaks your library into themes so that you can quickly get up to speed with and better understand your field of research. You can use Expedition whilst you are new to a field, and later when you want to make sure that you have cited all the relevant papers in each area.
You can view your Expedition results across your entire library, with easy access to the documents you discover or that you’d like to delve into some more.

9. Research web browser.

* The integrated Qiqqa web browser is honed for one specific task - research.
* You can easily search multiple academic search engines at once to discover new papers. If you locate a useful PDF, then you can import it into your library (with original download location already set in the metadata) in one click.
* You can drag URLs or images directly from webpages into your brainstormed mindmap (see below). If you prefer, Qiqqa can use your default browser instead.
10. Brainstorming (Mindmaps).
(Image 03)

* Whether you're planning a project, organizing exam materials, or making notes as you research, you can keep your ideas and thoughts from getting lost by arranging them into a brainstormed mindmap.
* Nodes in the mindmap can be files, images, text, documents or internet links. They can be linked and rearranged, and you can zoom in and out for the right level of detail.
* Because it is integrated directly within Qiqqa, PDFs can be dragged into your mindmap, and later you can click back to that original document.
* It also allows you to easily explore your library, mapping related documents as you go, which can reveal undiscovered links between documents, authors, and topics.
11. Knowledge-linking.

* You can associate document concepts by quickly finding out which terms (keywords) and themes dominate a paper. Clicking on a keyword will jump to all instances of that in the library.
* You can easily view other relevant documents in your library by theme, or author.
* You can discover new documents and similar papers in your field. If you decide that you might want to read, then you can jump to them using Google Scholar, and then easily import them into your library.
* You can use Qiqqa's informative graphs to help you visually discover how your work effort varies across time, how your tags are distributed, and so on.
* Qiqqa can automatically help you to find and navigate to cross references in your library - referencing other papers in your library - so you can jump from one to the other._____________________________________

Who this app is designed for:
Information junkies generally, and specifically people who are engaged in commercial or academic research work/projects - knowledge workers.

The Good:

* An amazingly powerful information management and reference management tool.
* Automates a large portion of the slog and difficult info management tasks.
* Incredibly effective in what it does (I am still learning to use it and putting it through its hoops).
* I am using it together with Calibre, which has some overlap with Qiqqa, but the two generally seem to complement each other.
* Good GUI ergonomics.
* Excellent alignment with typical knowledge worker needs and processes.
The needs improvement section:
Probably not something that can be improved upon very easily: like the library manager Calibre, the main observation I have here is that when I initially gave Qiqqa a very large library to start with, it hogged a lot of the CPUs in my Intel i7 processor. This was due to it undertaking large-scale OCR processing of imaged documents. However, it did not freeze the system, as CPU utilisation can be limited to, for example just one or two CPUs.

Why I think you should use this product:
Seems to be an excellent product.
If you are an information junkie, or are engaged in commercial or academic research work/projects - e.g., a knowledge worker - then this is arguably a must-have piece of software - it could be the proverbial answer to a maiden's prayer.

How does it compare to similar apps.:
I have no useful basis of experiential comparison as, though I have trialled several other reference management systems, none of them seem to come close to Qiqqa. One system that I found similarly very good was Calibre - though it is a library management system - i.e., quite a different breed of cat.
There is a good info source in Wikipedia: Comparison of reference management software


* An excellent and highly sophisticated piece of software, excellent fit for purpose, and well-supported by its developer.
* I was and still am rather blown away with what this software did/does, and how well it does what it does. Regular updates and improvements by the developer keep this tool on the leading edge.
* Some users may find that Qiqqa has a steepish learning curve before they can make optimum use of this sophisticated software tool, but they will probably find it is worth the effort.
* Very impressive, and I have kept it as my main reference management system, used in conjunction with Calibre.
* Ability to automatically "pull" metadata from many different sources is very useful.
Links to other reviews of this application:

* Wikipedia: Comparison of reference management software
* Wikipedia: Qiqqa[/list]

Are these libraries indexed in place?  Or are they truly imported into Qigga's data structure?

Are these libraries indexed in place?  Or are they truly imported into Qigga's data structure?
-wraith808 (March 04, 2013, 11:35 AM)
--- End quote ---
In answer, I have added this note under the section in the Opening Post:
2. The ability to import documents to the Qiqqa library/database.
The imported/copied source PDF documents are stored/scanned/indexed in folders in the Qiqqa databases subfolder. This subfolder is either in the default location or a location assigned by the user, as here:
(Image 02.)

--- End quote ---
The documents do not appear to be held in a proprietary database - (say) a structured SQL database (as, for example, in SharePoint).
Hope that all makes sense.


Thank you very much for the excellent mini-review of Qiqqa, which is a very exciting product. However, I'd like to raise an issue that has made me wary - perhaps unduly so - of using Qiqqa. This relates to one of the terms and conditions to which Quantisle wants to bind its users. When I began installing Qiqqa this afternoon I noticed the following clause in their License Agreement:

"By adding Content to Qiqqa and/or syncing your Content with a Web Library, you grant
Quantisle Ltd. a world-wide license to use this Content for the provision of PERSONALISED
services to you (not limited to parsing, indexing, transmission and storage) and for the
provision of anonymized AGGREGATED services to other users of Qiqqa (not limited to
aggregated crowd-sourced metadata and group recommendations).  The rights to the
ownership of the Content remain entirely yours."

After cancelling the installation I looked to see whether this clause had raised concerns from others. The only one I found was one posted on the Qiqqa forum about four months ago, at:

The drafting of the clause itself seems to me to make its meaning ambiguous: does it apply to merely adding content to Qiqqa, or only to syncing the added content to a web library? I also found the answers by Qiqqa, to be unsatisfactory: in essence, "Trust me I'm a well-intentioned software designer."

First, the answer fails to address the potential user's question directly: can he or she use the software in the way desired?

Second, it does not explain why indexing locally held pdf documents should trigger the possibility of legal action against Quantisle.  After all, there are a great many other software programs - for example indexed search programs - that seem untroubled by these apparent risks. Is the notional risk because Qiqqa seeks to gain access via the internet to users' computers in order to index their pdf files?

Third, those who employ the pdf file format - e.g., for their own use; to circulate within a closed group, such as a research team or as part of the pre-publication editorial process; or for any number of other professional reasons - are unlikely to be persuaded to use Qiqqa if there is any chance of such documents being circulated or becoming accessible to outside persons. These are not only privacy issues but also security ones since potential users could include lawyers, law enforcement agencies, criminologists, medical researchers, etc. The rights to such intellectual property may "remain entirely yours", as Quantisle says, but is this assurance enough?

My apologies in advance if this sounds somewhat paranoid, nit-picking, scare-mongering, misleading, and so on...


@DBC: In response:
Here are the current, full Qiqqa Ts & Cs: (location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Qiqqa\licenses\license.txt)
(Surprisingly, perhaps, it's not a PDF document in the Library!)
I have emboldened the bit you quoted.
--- Qiqqa Terms and Conditions
--- Copyright © Quantisle 2010-2013. All rights reserved.
--- Updated 11 November 2012

By using Qiqqa, you are agreeing to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

Qiqqa is Copyright © Quantisle 2010-2013. All rights reserved.

Qiqqa, Qiqqa Premium and the Qiqqa Web Library (from now on “Qiqqa”) are offered as
Services to you by Quantisle Ltd.

These Terms and Conditions cover the Services currently provided by Qiqqa. However, as we
strive to improve our service to you, new features may be made available to you. In the
event of material change (as determined by Quantisle Ltd.) to our service to you, we will
update these Terms and Conditions and notify you of the changes when you upgrade. We also
reserve the right to modify or discontinue any of the Services we provide to you. Any
changesto the Terms and Conditions come into immediate effect as soon as we make them
publically available.

Your Content
You use Qiqqa to manage your research, be it the management of your PDF documents, the
metadata for those documents (not limited to titles, authors, abstracts and references),
and any annotations that you may have added to those documents (not limited to ratings
and keywords) (collectively, “Content”).

By adding Content to Qiqqa and/or syncing your Content with a Web Library, you grant
Quantisle Ltd. a world-wide license to use this Content for the provision of PERSONALISED
services to you (not limited to parsing, indexing, transmission and storage) and for the
provision of anonymized AGGREGATED services to other users of Qiqqa (not limited to
aggregated crowd-sourced metadata and group recommendations).  The rights to the
ownership of the Content remain entirely yours.

Acceptable Content
The following points must be followed in spirit as well as in letter to all forms of your
use of Qiqqa:
•   Quantisle Ltd. is not responsible for the management of any Content provided
        by you from other parties. If you believe that third-party Content has been,
   or is being made available to you through Qiqqa in breach of their license or
   rights please let us know immediately via the Qiqqa support website.
•   You will provide only Content,
      (i) to which you are permitted;
      (ii) which was produced within, and complies with applicable law in your
      country and the United Kingdom.
•   You will not provide Content,
      (i) that encourages illegal activity;
      (ii) that contains information whose publication (accidental or not) will
      cause financial damages or violate applicable law;
      (iii) that infringes third-party rights, or that breaches data protection
      or privacy rights;
      (iv) that will cause detriment to the health of any person.
•   Quantisle Ltd. will not be liable for any losses, damages or claims that arise
        because of your use of Qiqqa or the provision, storage, loss, transmission,
        distribution or publication of your Content.

Acceptable use
You will not use Qiqqa,
   (i) to bring Quantisle Ltd. into disrepute;
   (ii) to knowingly reduce our capacity to provide our services,
   (iii) to cause undue cost or damages to Quantisle Ltd.;
   (iv) to reverse engineer our products.

Your non-personal information
Qiqqa continuously collects non-personal information about how you use our services. You
agree that we can use this information to improve our service to you and to others, and
that we may disclose some of this information if required to comply with applicable law.

Qiqqa provides various for-pay Services (not limited to Unlimited Web Libraries and Qiqqa

Use of these Services can be purchased, earned (not limited to various promotional
campaigns and social media incentive programmes) or awarded by an authorised Qiqqa

Unless otherwise provided by law, all charges resulting from purchases of Services are
earned by Quantisle Ltd. when received and are nonrefundable, and the costs of any
returns will be at your expense.

Quantisle Ltd. may cancel or suspend your purchased Services at our discretion.  If we
cancel a Service in its entirety without cause, we'll refund to you on a pro-rata basis
any payments that you have made based on the portion of the Service that would otherwise

Unless otherwise provided by law, earned and awarded Services have zero monetary value
whatsoever, are not transferrable, and can be revoked by Quantisle Ltd. at our

Payments to Quantisle Ltd. for the provision of Services
You must be authorized to use the payment method with which you pay Quantisle Ltd.  You
authorise us to charge you up-front for the Service at the time of purchase or shortly
after purchase using your payment method.

When you make a payment to Quantisle Ltd. for a Service, you understand that Qiqqa
endeavours to provide the Service immediately.  To this effect you will not be entitled
to a cancellation or "cooling off" period, except if the law requires a cooling off
period despite your waiver and even when a Service starts right away.

Services are provided on an account top-up basis by your instruction, and therefore
there is no basis nor need for you to cancel a Service.

The price stated for the Service includes all taxes and PayPal fees. You're responsible
for all other charges accrued to your payment method.

Quantisle Ltd. reserves the right to terminate at our discretion your use of Qiqqa and
delete from Qiqqa any Content you have stored with Qiqqa. At our discretion we will
endeavour to give you reasonable notice in this eventuality unless you are materially
in breach of these Terms and Conditions.

Disclaimer of warranty
Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, Quantisle Ltd. provides Qiqqa
implied, including, without limitation, any warranties or conditions of TITLE,
responsible for determining the appropriateness of using or redistributing Qiqqa and
assume any risks associated with your exercise of permissions under these Terms and

Limitation of Liability
In no event and under no legal theory, whether in tort (including negligence), contract,
or otherwise, unless required by applicable law (such as deliberate and grossly negligent
acts) or agreed to in writing, shall Quantisle Ltd. be liable to you for damages,
including any direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages of any
character arising as a result of these Terms and Conditions or out of the use or
inability to use Qiqqa (including but not limited to damages for loss of goodwill, work
stoppage, computer failure or malfunction, or any and all other commercial damages or
losses), even if you had been advised of the possibility of such damages.

These Terms and Conditions do not grant permission to use the trade names, trademarks,
service marks or product names of Quantisle Ltd, including the product name Qiqqa, except
as required for reasonable and customary use in describing the origin of Qiqqa.

Qiqqa Champion Affiliate Programme

The following are the terms and conditions (this "Agreement" or the "Terms") for
affiliates that direct potential customers to any Qiqqa web site (the "Site") and where
Qiqqa has agreed to pay that affiliate ("you") for directing those potential customers to
the Site.

1. Acceptance
By submitting your application for being an affiliate of the Site, you agree to be bound
by the Terms as stated herein without modification.

2. Site's Terms and Conditions
In addition to these terms and conditions, you are bound by the terms and conditions of
the Site.

3. Nature of the Relationship
The nature of the relationship between Quantisle Ltd. and you will be that of independent
contractors for all purposes and in no event will any person employed by you be held or
construed to be employees of Quantisle Ltd.  Specifically, Quantisle Ltd. is not a member
of any partnership, joint venture or franchise arrangement with you.

4. Ownership and use of Qiqqa Materials
"Qiqqa Materials" include any legal materials, documents, contracts, software, products,
web links, promotional material, email, information, partial Qiqqa Material or any other
materials provided by Quantisle Ltd., the Site or any Qiqqa service in any way. Quantisle
Ltd. retains complete ownership and all rights to the Qiqqa Materials. You do not have
the right to use or change any of the Qiqqa Materials without prior written consent of
Quantisle Ltd. You do not have the right to use any Qiqqa Materials for third party or
competitive use. All use of Qiqqa Materials, with or without prior written consent, will
cease after termination of this agreement.

5. Term
This Agreement will be for an indefinite term and can be terminated immediately without
cause by either Quantisle Ltd. or you providing notice to the other party. Upon
termination, you will stop using Qiqqa Materials and you will discontinue any use of any
Qiqqa or Quantisle Ltd. trademarks.

6. Your Compensation
Quantisle Ltd. agrees to pay you a commission of thirty percent (30%) of all Qiqqa Premium
and Qiqqa Premium+ sales (excluding fees paid to external service providers and fees paid to
external suppliers) generated from Qiqqa users with your Referral Code.  This Referral
Code will be applied by a new Qiqqa user as part of the creation of their Qiqqa account.
You will get credit for such sales each time an account with your Referral Code purchases
a Qiqqa Premium or Premium+ subscription.  In lieu of a commission (or in lieu of part of
it), you can elect to purchase Qiqqa services of equivalent value (but not applicable to
fees paid to external service providers or fees paid to external suppliers).  Payments are
calculated on a monthly basis and payment will be sent within five business days when
commissions payable total $50 or more. You will have access to sales and commission
reports available through the Qiqqa Champion Affiliate Program.

7. Content Development
You are solely responsible for all content development (and its cost) that you use to
promote Qiqqa.

8. Confidentiality
You may be given or obtain access to non-public information of Quantisle Ltd. that
Quantisle Ltd. considers to be of a confidential, proprietary, or trade secret nature,
including, but not limited to, customer information, pricing, financial and operational
information, business information and marketing information, in whatever form or media,
whether or not marked as confidential (collectively "Confidential Information"). You agree
not to use any Confidential Information disclosed to you by Quantisle Ltd. for your own use
or for any purpose other than to carry out your obligations under this Agreement. You will
not disclose any Confidential Information to third-parties or to your employees or agents,
other than employees and agents who are required to have the information in order to carry
out your obligations under this Agreement. You agree to notify Quantisle Ltd. immediately and
in writing of any misuse or misappropriation of Quantisle Ltd.'s Confidential Information,
which may come to your attention and to return Quantisle Ltd.'s Confidential Information upon
the request of Quantisle Ltd.

Confidential Information shall not apply to: (a) information that is or becomes a matter
of public knowledge through no fault of or action by you, (b) information that prior to
disclosure was rightfully in your possession as a result of disclosure by a third-party
under no obligation or restriction of confidentiality, (c) information that, subsequent
to disclosure, is rightfully obtained by you from a third-party under no obligation or
restriction of confidentiality, and (d) information that is independently developed by
you without use, knowledge or access to the Confidential Information of Quantisle Ltd.

9. Return of Confidential Property
Upon Quantisle Ltd.'s request (and upon termination of this Agreement), you will deliver to
Quantisle Ltd. all Confidential Information, memoranda, notes, records, drawings, manuals,
disks, or other documents and media pertaining to Quantisle Ltd.'s business including all
copies, extracts, summaries and analyses.

10. Indemnification
You agree to indemnify and hold Quantisle Ltd., its directors, officers, shareholders,
successor and predecessor companies, attorneys, agents and employees harmless from any claim,
demand, or damage, including reasonable attorneys' fees and costs, asserted by any third
party due to or arising out of the your actions (including but not limited to
advertising, web site content or how you otherwise direct potential customers to our

11. Limitations of damages
Quantisle Ltd. will not be liable to you for any exemplary, punitive, special or consequential
damages, including lost revenues, lost profits or lost prospective economic advantage
arising from any act or omission in performance or failure to perform under this
Agreement, even if Quantisle Ltd. is at fault and/or knew or should have known of the
possibility thereof, and you hereby release and waive any claims against Quantisle Ltd.
regarding such damages.

12. Trademarks and other Intellectual Property
You acknowledge that all rights in any registered trademarks or any pending trademark
registrations associated with the business of Quantisle Ltd. (i.e., trademarks, service marks,
slogans, logos, designs and other similar means of distinction), including all goodwill
pertaining thereto, shall be the sole property of Quantisle Ltd. You may use and display such
trademarks only in the manner and for the purpose authorized by Quantisle Ltd., and only during
the Term of this Agreement. Quantisle Ltd. reserves the right to add to, change or discontinue
the use of any trademark it owns, on a selective or general basis, at any time. You shall not
use any trademark or trade name of Quantisle Ltd. in any corporate, partnership or business
name without Quantisle Ltd.'s prior written consent. Qiqqa is a trademark of Quantisle Ltd.

13. Media
No press releases mentioning your affiliate program participation may be made without
prior written consent of Quantisle Ltd. to a release being made. You will provide a copy of
any press releases to Quantisle Ltd.

14. Conduct
You agree to conduct yourself with due regard to public conventions and morals and agree
that you will not do or commit any act or thing that will tend to degrade Qiqqa or Quantisle Ltd.
or bring it into public hatred, contempt, scorn or ridicule or that will tend to shock, insult or
offend the community or ridicule public morals or decency. Further, you will not market
Qiqqa's Site or products using illegal, unethical, or misleading methods, or through
inaccurate content.

15. Modification to Terms
Quantisle Ltd. reserves the right to change these terms at any time and to notify you by
updating and posting these terms on its Site. Quantisle Ltd. is not bound by any other
modifications to these terms and conditions unless signed in writing by an authorized Quantisle
Ltd. officer.

16. Entire Agreement
This Agreement and the Site's terms and conditions constitute the entire agreement
between you and Quantisle Ltd. which is the owner of the Qiqqa trade name, brand and

17. Assignment
This Agreement cannot be assigned.

18. Waivers
No failure or delay, on the part of Quantisle Ltd., in exercising any right or power under
these Terms will operate as a waiver of such right or power.

19. Severability
The invalidity or unenforceability of any provision of these Terms or the Site's terms
and conditions are intended to be read and construed independently of each other. If any
term, covenant, condition or provision of this Agreement is held by a court of competent
jurisdiction to be invalid, void or unenforceable, it is the parties' intent that such
provision be reduced in scope by the court only to the extent deemed necessary by that
court to render the provision reasonable and enforceable and the remainder of the
provisions of this Agreement will in no way be affected, impaired or invalidated as a

20. End User
The end user of Qiqqa's Material will be subject to the Site's terms and conditions and

21. Binding Effect
This Agreement will pass to the benefit of and be binding upon the respective heirs,
executors, administrators, successors of Qiqqa and you.

22. Headings
The headings, captions, titles, and numbering system are inserted only as a matter of
convenience and may under no circumstances be considered in interpreting the provisions
of this Agreement.

--- End quote ---

I had scanned over the Agreement as it was quite a while back, and though I forget the details, my take on the Qiqqa approach then was that it was intentional to use your account/data info as legitimate aggregated (non-personal) marketing demographics to enable ad-targeting. I thought this only applied to the unpaid versions of Qiqqa, and if you had a paid account, then you would not get targeted ads.

Main points I would consider:

* 1. Legitimacy: As a happy user of the unpaid version, I personally have no real/major objection to this kind of  "Agreement". I regard it as a nifty and legitimate way for them to claw some indirect (advertising) revenue out of the product, and it does not seem to be invasive, a breach of privacy, or a nuisance.
Having several years' worth of solid experience in contracts - including the study of Contract Law and drafting and negotiating contracts related to the large-scale provision of IT services and software in different countries - I tend to read all contracts with a critical and jaundiced eye. I could be wrong, of course, but there was nothing untoward in the Qiqqa Agreement - or at least, not that I perceived, at any rate.

* 2. Security + Trust: Act in haste, repent at leisure. Whilst the rule I advocate for clients is to trust no-one, of the few occasions that I have personally ignored that rule in my own affairs, I have only once had cause to regret it. Unfortunately it was a big time letdown and breach of trust by someone whom I had previously trusted implicitly, and I am still under the shadow of the potential consequences. It was actually criminal (common theft), but it had ramifications. However, I told the police that I did not wish to press charges (though they seemed quite keen), and I did not wish to take the perpetrator to civil court over it. The lesson is to enforce the above rule, and to get it in writing, and make sure that you are happy with the writing.
You have a responsibility to yourself and your family to protect your assets from con-merchants and fraudsters. The world seems to be permeated by a class of seemingly well-meaning people whose primary and ulterior motive turns out to be to relieve other people of their hard-won money/property/rights by any means possible. Software developers - and even US Presidents - are not necessarily excluded from this class.
So, I have not pointed Qiqqa at any highly confidential or proprietary files to take into its Library. If I did, then I might want to scrutinise and question the wording of the agreement more carefully first. As things stand, it's not an issue for me, but I can't speak for others.

* 3. Applicability: The sentence:
"By adding Content to Qiqqa and/or syncing your Content with a Web Library..."

--- End quote ---
- I rightly or wrongly assumed that to probably mean that if you have a paid account and you add stuff to Qiqqa, then it will be synced with a Web (Cloud) library. I do not think that the unpaid version syncs at all, and so you could probably be pretty private with a free account.

* 4. Firewall control:
You could always control Qiqqa's access through the firewall.
For example, here is the default outgoing access in W7FC (Windows 7 Firewall Control) when set to LanOnly for Qiqqa:

 - and here are the W7FC settings after I have set it to IncomingOnly for Qiqqa:

Note that the latter setting will defeat that functionality that Qiqqa uses through Internet access online - e.g., including the provision of library syncing, Google Scholar access and referencing.


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