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Qiqqa - Reference Management System - Mini-Review

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@wales: Sorry, I can't help. I've never come across this problem that you describe, as I installed Qiqqa onto Win7-64 Home Premium, and it all seemed to work a treat.
I googled the problem and came up with some questions:

* Are you using XP or Vista?
* Have you got all the latest Windows Updates installed?


XP pro, all updates installed.

@wales: I have drawn a blank looking for help on this install problem you have been having.
On the Qiqqa forum there is an unsolved problem posted:
XXXX February 17, 2012 14:42
Installation problem
When trying to install qiqqa on windows xp the message "sp2 required" the problem is, I have already upgraded from sp2 to sp3, but the installation does not recognise this.
Help would be appreciated.

--- End quote ---

I guess this would be you.(?) The indication might be that no-one else has reported the problem.

I tried this several years ago. So my experience is based the old version.
There are somethings that I don't like
1. Qiqqa save the OCR result in the database, instead of in the corresponding PDF.
2. Qiqqa is designed to use the internal pdf viewer. But I prefer to use PDF XChange.

PDF XChange can perform OCR and save the result in the PDF.
This makes Qiqqa less attracting.


I have overcome the problem by downloading to my laptop, installing, then copying the complete program and installing onto my desktop.  Now works fine, in my opinion, not as good as Mendeley


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