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weird problem on new laptop

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i love the app been using it for years! but i got a new laptop this weekend. Its windows 7 64 bit. now when i dock it to the bottom and set it to what i want, it leaves a huge gap between what i want and what its blocking off..i can post pictures when i get home..but pretty much instead of it just doing what i have blocked off..its blocking off half of my screen.....i tried uninstalling and starting over..redownloading it, nothing is working. i am not sure if its due to me runing 64 now, was working fine on 32.

update here is a picture of what i mean.

You can control the exact size of what gets reserved.. but on win7 you may have to toggle transparency/border on an off before trying to resize.
You can also set the size from the options.

I THOUGHT you could also use keyboard to adjust the size but i can't for the life of me remember the keyboard keys to use.. I'll have to look it up, i don't see it in help file.  Maybe i just added it to LaunchBar Commander but not to Desktop Coral.

ive tried everything i have no idea whats going worked fine on windows 7 32 bit but on my new pc its not not sure why its putting the extra space between seems its just when i dock it to the bottom it leaves that gap..the top it over laps some but it fits the screen marked and so does the right and left its something to do with it at the bottom

im afraid i'm not really understanding the behavior you are explaining.. i'm not saying something's not wrong, i'm just saying i don't understand what's happening.

are you able to resize the docked area?

yep i can but  what is happening is when i set what i want  its putting a space between what i want docked and what is the picture i posted..the bottom is where i want it but there is a space between the dock and the webpage (thats full screen) not sure where that extra space is coming from..if i resize it bigger the space grows if i make it smaller it gets smaller but never goes just stumped on what would cause that.


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