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how get better resolution?

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I tried capturing at 700 px wide and inserting in Word to get a quick look at it in a document.  I reduced it by half, and it looks much better than the next capture I took, at 350 px wide (with the browser zoomed out appropriately).
-aparente001 (February 25, 2013, 12:35 PM)
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I'm used to working in dpi which is a different approach (thinking more for printing).
I might well be wrong here, but I believe that if you 'reduce' it thus in word, the image file is not actually being reduced. Well I'm not sure what you're doing with Word, but if it was simply saved as a word doc, it would show the image smaller size with higher resolution which AFAIK means it's not modifying the image at all. If you're doing html in word, try saving the final product and check how it looks in browser.

I'm planning to take my captures as large as I can and then let WordPress scale them to a uniform size.
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Wordpress cannot do a better job of resizing than Screenshot Captor -- so if it's looking better in wordpress it's because you aren't using the right settings to resize in Screenshot Captor, or because you are resizing once in screenshot captor and then again in Wordpress and the interaction is causing artifacts.

Well, I haven't done experiments with wordpress yet -- I was using a quick insert into Word to predict what would happen in wordpress.

If you look at the apachefriends site, the font they're using is very ugly, and my screenshots do awful things to the letters.

What I originally wanted to do was choose a frame size of 350 px wide, zoom my browser in or out as needed so the portion of the site I want to capture fits nicely into that frame, do the capture, save the file, upload it to wordpress, and insert it into the page as a full-size image.  But when I examined the capture, I found that the letters looked awful.  I will try to make an attachment of part of it so you can see what I mean.

I got better results when I zoomed the browser to make the subject take up more space on the screen and then captured at 700 px wide.  But then when I reduced it down with the thumbnail feature, it got very yucky indeed.  I used bicubic.  I don't know what would be the best fitting algorithm to choose.  I was saving pngs.


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