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how get better resolution?

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I want to take a screenshot of a portion of  My ultimate goal is to include it in a wordpress page, and there the image should be 350 px wide.  Here are the choices I have thought of:

1. zoom out in the browser until I can fit the body into a 350 px wide Captor fixed frame; upload it to WordPress and insert it in full size.

2. leave the browser at 100% and make the capture at a lot more pixels.  Now I can resize the image with Captor, an editor such as irfanview or photoshop, or within the wordpress software.

What would give me good results (clear type, reasonable load time) but also give me a good workflow?

I have been saving my captures as png.

I know I've posted several questions today (sorry!), but this one is higher priority than the others.  Thanks.

Screenshot Captor has some features designed specifically for this kind of use (especially the new beta version, which allows you to configure your own favorite "size presets" for use in resizing and thumbnailing options).

The thumbnail feature is your friend.

So my suggestion is to capture a larger region (either do a whole screen capture and then crop or do a selected region), and then use the Thumbnail feature of SC to get it to the exact size you want using a resizing-filter that makes it look the sharpest.

Use the "File -> Create Thumbnail" menu to bring up the thumbnailer options form and experiment:

Once you get the thumbnail options to look the best and the right size, in the future all you have to do is push the Thumbnail button on the toolbar to apply them to a new image.

Let me know how it works out for you.

The screenshot above looks just like what I'm aiming for, but my attempts to use the thumbnail feature look much worse.  And it seems to me that by definition, a thumbnail is going to be less sharp than the original.

Try changing the Smoothing filter options in the thumbnail dialog.

I discovered a special effect called "add shadow to entire image" almost all the way down the menu, and I like the shadow.

I tried capturing at 700 px wide and inserting in Word to get a quick look at it in a document.  I reduced it by half, and it looks much better than the next capture I took, at 350 px wide (with the browser zoomed out appropriately).

I also tried resizing the capture in Captor, 50% with bicubic fitting, and the results were not as good as the 350 px wide original capture (judging by how it looked inserted in Word -- which of course is not the ultimate test of how it will look on the web).

So for now, I'm planning to take my captures as large as I can and then let WordPress scale them to a uniform size.


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