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help with automatic file naming

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I would like to change the folder where images get saved automatically, each time I start a new project.  And I would like shorter file names.  I do like not having to think about the file name each time I make a screenshot, though.  I would not mind thinking for the first filename in the sequence, if that would help.

For uploading the images to wordpress, it would be easiest if the filenames in the group were numbered in sequence.  It's okay if some numbers get skipped (due to me removing some images that didn't come out well).

Is it possible to name the screenshots based on the name of the folder I specified the files should be saved to?

Example.  A tutorial about installing WordPress.  I will name the folder wp-tut, and it would be lovely if the files were called wp-tut1, wp-tut2, etc.  However, wp-tut001 and wp-tut002 would be okay too.  Note that occasionally I will have double digits, but never triple.


yes, here is how to do it
In the 'File Naming Template' option, 'Default New File Name' insert "%quickfield%" without the quotes. In the main window, in the 'File Name QuickField' put the name you want for your file, it will automatically start numbering as you add more to the folder.

What cmpm said.

The QuickField is there for exactly this kind of purpose -- letting you quickly set part of the filenames for a sequence of screenshots without having to manually name each one.  Note that you can combine the quickfield with other stuff like date and time, etc.

Now one thing to note is that Screenshot Captor is adding a 3-digit number (001, 002, etc.) part automatically, in order to come up with a unique filename (tip: It will put this uniquifying number where you have %num% if you specify that explicitly, or add it to the end if not).  But one consequence of that is that if you take like:  quick001,quick002,quick003, and then DELETE quick002 and take a new screenshot, the new one will be named quick002 (not quick004). That's because SC is looking for the first available free number.

Now if you don't want it to do that, you have 2 options.  First, you could avoid using the number field completely and just use date and time.

Or, you can use the new %numinc% field in your filename, which will ALWAYS add a number, and it will always remember its value and increase one for each screenshot, even between reboots.  To reset the number after a project, just go back to that file naming dialog and change the "Auto Incrementing Number" field back to 1.

RE changing folder:

You can change the folder in preferences - it says 'you can also change this from the main file menu' but I dont see it  :-\  - found it, it's under the 'GoTo' menu (you can also configure move-to and go-to folders under the 'go-to' menu

help with automatic file naming

I tried %quickfield% and it works well for me.  The first file in the series gets named screenshot.png.  The second, screenshot002.png, and so on.  If I delete those files or move them to another folder, we begin again with no suffix and then 002 etc.  I can live with this.  I also tried %numinc% and quickly changed to
instead, since I don't like to start with a digit, I don't know why.  This works very well, the only downside is that it gives me five digits, which is a lot, but I can live with it.



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