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Two problems with Hamnotes


Don Cody:
When trying to use hamNotes with FARR version 2.206.01 there are two problems:

1. I cannot get any of the commands to work, for example "hnote /a", "hnote /k", "hnote /pref" etc. As soon as I enter them a search begins for "hnote" on one of the USB drives on my PC. The only entry that works is "hnote\s" which brings up the Command Center infomation.

2. I cannot change the path to the default hamNotes save directory.

I would greatly appreciate any help with these problems.

Don Cody:
I solved the problem by reinstalling the plugin and also deleting the alias "hnote\s". I don't remember when, how or why that alternative alias was created.


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