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They did tried to attract PHP developers with their support to WordPress and with Webmatrix program. I think they want web development business back but it seems not many new business are interested in azure and ASP.

Carol Haynes:
I don't see why you guys are still saying there are no limitations, that this is free. As I posted above, you're promising that you'll deploy an MS-powered website (onto one of their approved hosts or servers, i.e., not el cheapo hosting) within the next year. It may be that they can't enforce it -- other than to terminate your license rights -- but you'd still be acting in bad faith to make the agreement without the intent to follow through on this promise.

d.  Web Pro will deploy a Web Pro Website on Windows Azure or Windows Server (on a Hosting Server or with a Hosting Partner) by the first anniversary of Web Pro’s enrollment in the Program.
-CWuestefeld (February 25, 2013, 11:28 AM)
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-CWuestefeld (February 27, 2013, 02:54 AM)
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They don't say what the website has to be like - you can put up a single page on windows server running on a local VM saying WebsiteSpark sucks and fulfil the obligation. They are providing the server software as part of the package so apart from a bit of disk space it isn't going to cost much.

They don't say what the website has to be like - you can put up a single page on windows server running on a local VM
-Carol Haynes (February 27, 2013, 05:44 AM)
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That's not correct, they do say what the web site has to be like:

“Web Pro Websites(s)” means new public and Internet-accessible websites(s):

* developed by Web Pro on behalf of its Web Pro Clients using Program Software;
* that contain significant and primary functionality or content beyond the functionality of Hosting Servers; and
* whose primary purpose is for the Web Pro Client to provide information and/or services to Web Pro Client’s

2.  Examples of Eligible Web Pro Products or Services.
2.1.  Eligible:   
a.  A new public and Internet-accessible website that Web Pro is engaged by a Web Pro Client to develop and/or maintain using Program Software. For example, website for a small business.
b.  A hosting relationship in which Web Pro hosts a Web Pro Website on behalf of a Web Pro Client, using the Hosting Servers provided through the Program and in accordance with the Agreement and the SPLA.   
c.  A combination of a) and b) above, where a small business website developed and hosted by Web Pro using Hosting Servers and Program Software.   
2.2.  Not Eligible:   
a.  Web Pro provides Hosting Servers or any other Program Software to Web Pro Clients, Web Pro Clients’ customers, Hosting Partners, or anyone else.
2.3.  For clarity, Microsoft retains full discretion to assess whether a given application created by a Web Pro satisfies this Agreement and/or the Program requirements. The list above is provided purely for purposes of explanation, is not exhaustive, and will not be considered binding or otherwise interpreted to limit Microsoft’s rights to determine the eligibility of a given application.

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How do you deduce approved when it says Windows Server (on a Hosting Server or with a Hosting Partner) ?
-rgdot (February 27, 2013, 03:16 AM)
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It's in the agreement:

“Hosting Partner” means companies identified as such and featured on the Program Website, who can provide hosting services for Web Pro Websites and with whom Web Pro has contracted to outsource the hosting of Web Pro Websites for Web Pro’s provision of Software Services to Web Pro Clients.  The use of Hosting Servers by Hosting Partners to provide those hosting services for Web Pros is governed by separate agreement between the Hosting Partner and Microsoft, and Hosting Partners will obtain directly from Microsoft the Hosting Servers used by them to provide such hosting services to Web Pro.

“Hosting Servers” means the Microsoft server software that Web Pro may use in the Program to provide Software Services.  The list of Hosting Servers is on the Program Website, as updated from time to time.

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Seriously, people: if you want to get several thousand dollars of software for free, the least you can do is read the agreement, and then be sure that you are prepared to abide by its terms.

Well that's easy then, even if they pay to use their software I won't with those conditions. Simple :)

Carol Haynes:
Well that didn't last long - just got the following email from Microsoft:

Thank you for participating in the WebsiteSpark program!  Based on the changing needs of web developers, Microsoft has created new offers at no cost to help Web Pros like you continue to create rich interactive web applications.  These resources are designed to help you design, develop, publish, and deploy world class websites.
Since Microsoft is making these powerful new resources available to you without cost, the WebsiteSpark program will no longer be accepting new membership applications. Web Pros enrolled in the WebsiteSpark program as of March 11, 2013 may continue to use their WebsiteSpark benefits under the Microsoft WebsiteSpark Software License Terms and the terms identified by Microsoft as surviving terms in the Microsoft WebsiteSpark Web Pro Agreement, for twelve (12) months, until March 31, 2014.
For your convenience, we’ve provided links to some great resources below, available to you anytime at no cost.
Design, Develop, Publish & Deploy is your main landing page to get access to the free tools.

·         Visual Studio Express 2012

·         Visual Studio Team Foundation Server Express 2012

·         SQL Server Express

·         WebMatrix 2

Learn and Explore
·         Web Developer and Windows Azure Developer Camps are free, fun, no-fluff events for developers, by developers. You learn from experts in a low-key, interactive way and then get hands-on time to apply what you’ve learned.

·         Windows Azure Web Sites

· for web developers

Windows Azure
·         Host 10 ASP.NET web sites for free with Windows Azure

·         WSS member Windows Azure Offer

·         WebMatrix 2 and Windows Azure

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Doesn't really make much difference to me as I had already decided to withdraw from the scheme - but there doesn't seem much incentive for anyone to stay when the software and benefits are effectively a 12 month trial with onerous demands to fulfil.


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