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forum password suggestion

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The password has to have eight characters.  If I forget that, and type in my current favorite seven-digit password, it would be nice to get a message reminding me what the password rules for this forum are.

Also, new subscribers should be shown a suggestion to set a magic question.  I didn't find out about that feature until I was at the point of resetting my password.

Finally, please set "hide email address" as the default.


You are right about the 8 character password reminder -- it's annoying how it is now.

Hide email address -- i think i need to change the text for that -- we actually ignore that field and ALWAYS HIDE email addresses no matter what -- you cannot expose your email address even if you try.

You have a favourite password?  :o

I hope no site you use ever gets hacked.

I have a couple of low-security passwords that I use for forums.  With so many forums, there's no way I can keep track of a different one for every single forum.  But I don't use the low-security ones for important things.

I use my favorite password for forums.


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