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Show us a picture of your.. CAR!!!

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What about those nice big aftermarket rear view mirrors that clip on and reduce blindspots (they have some addons for side mirrors too).
-mouser (May 28, 2014, 06:39 PM)
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Had a Wink mirror for ~three (3) cars  :-*.  Went nearly all the way across the top of the windshield, had to be mounted with screws.  If memory serves, it was a series of six (6) normal size rear-view mirrors, all mounted at a slightly different angle.  It was great for a sedan, or even a pick-up, but wouldn't have worked very well for a van.  Tried the side mirror add-ons/clip-ons, but they were somewhat less than satisfying  :-\.

Wow, never heard of the Elio before.  Immediately reminded me of Buckminster Fuller's Dymaxion car.  Something tells me Bucky would be proud of Elio's endeavors.  :-*

I've always liked cars, but I've never loved one, till now...

Peugot 309 (SX)
25 years old in October
Only 45,000 miles driven
Looks like new inside and in very good nick outside

Almost looks like anti-design, doesnt it !? I like that too :D
Corners really well.
Been driving around listening to 80's music with speakers that make FM sound like medium wave. It's not like being in a time warp, it's better - no idea why really...
(FWIW, the year this car was built, I was driving a Nissan something or other, and a 1970's Volvo.)

Nice  :up:

Peugot 309 (SX)
25 years old in October
Only 45,000 miles driven
-tomos (July 24, 2014, 06:19 PM)
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Good one!

I just had to let go of a 23-year-old Oldsmobile wagon, which I regret. Now the local farmer has it and will use it to haul produce out of the fields. 


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