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Screenshot Captor caption feature


Caption Test:

Captions are starting to look quite nice.

I just tried the captions and they look good so far bot how do you control the background colour and font colour?
--- End quote ---

You can set the caption colors and fonts from the "Automatic Captions" options tab, but this is likely to change and i'll probably put most of those controls in the Caption Dialog itself.

However, note that a caption is an EDITABLE text box object, so once it's created you can select it, and change the text,colors, font, and transparency.

My plan is to add a feature where you can save and then choose presets of option combos for these text boxes and captions.. so you could easily choose "Large white text on semi transparent background at the bottom" vs "Small Red text overlaid on image at top with no background" etc., and same for text boxes.

Creating captions don't (currently) undo very well..
There are two good tricks to remember when experimenting with stuff like this:

* The Save+ button is your best friend; it will quickly save the current file to a new file with a new name and let you keep working, preserving the previous version of the file.
* If you save before you do some experimenting, you can always quickly go back to the last saved version of a file, discarding all experimental mistakes by choosing from the File menu "discard all changes to file since last save".

When I add a caption on top, some white space is added below the caption, if at the botton the space is added on top of the caption.

If I press Ctrl Z once, it seems to remove the extra space.

I split off the caption discussion to a new thread.

Yeah that extra space is actually by design, though I cant remember exactly what my thinking was.. Maybe ill make it an option later and take it out for now.


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