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1 Copy of Left 4 Dead 2 giveaway :P *Open for another 21 hours *

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Hey everyone, I am a long time reader, first-time poster of this forum.
I love DC, so I am going to give something back to the DC community.  :-*

This particular offer is only available to the members of

1. Get a steam account

2. Log in to
via your steam account

3. Enter the giveaway

4.  Read the FAQ

5. For all those that have entered this giveaway. Please be sure to write your steam username down in this thread.

Game will be send via email, so make sure to check your inbox if you win! Also, please don't forget to mark as received on steamgifts once you redeemed it, thanks!


steam username : imperativa_  ;D

thank you for the giveaway! :up:

Thanks for making this... and giving me an idea! :)

Not entering, but just wanted to say thanks for doing this.


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