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Screenshot Captor 3.28 aka 4.0RC Beta Test - Mar 17, 2013 - Feedback Wanted

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thanks dluby, i'll have it show a better message.

I like the ability to rapid fire screen shooting with this new addition.
Making flip books is pretty easy with it. Thanks.

dluby, you can get ScreenCamera at this site-
to test it with

Thanks for all of the encouragement and testing folks -- it makes all the difference in the world.  :up:

New version uploaded -- the Webcam capture feature now has 2 buttons -- one for rapidfire capture (just like how you've seen it in the last version), and another that makes it behave like any other capture (that is, it closed after you trigger it and it will show post-capture dialog and add caption or whatever, just as if it was a screenshot).  the webcam capture is also now in the menus and quickcapture bar.

Other improvements: Some additional toolbar buttons (copy to clipboard, choose selection size, resize to preset); more importantly, you can now configure which buttons you dont want to have shown on the toolbar -- this will make it much easier for me to add more buttons without worrying about overloading people.

Now i really want to stop adding features and make this new version official in the next day or so.

Somehow the source, format and properties menu buttons do not do any thing with the latest beta.

Standby, maybe i broke something.


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