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Screenshot Captor 3.28 aka 4.0RC Beta Test - Mar 17, 2013 - Feedback Wanted

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And this is reproducible every time you try it?

that happened to me a on a couple of betas
but not recently

after the initial setup screen
clicking next should kill SC from running

edit- but no "stops responding"
i was able to exit SC from the tray icon

Yep (just re-tested), when started from the installer, when started from the Start menu. Every time the installer 'asks' it to quit, it just stops responding. Doesn't make a diff if I open SSC first, then close again.
If I leave the main window of SSC open, that window does close, but the rest of SSC doesn't go away :huh:.

UAC is turned off here
not sure if that matters

Ok I can confirm the bug reported by Ath on Win7.. working on it now.


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