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Screenshot Captor 3.28 aka 4.0RC Beta Test - Mar 17, 2013 - Feedback Wanted

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I ran it through some tests and the items I'd mentioned with the captions and captions pop-up are still working fine.
Also do not see any problem with the save as.

Using SC 3.29.01 portable on win7x64sp1; trying to capture the Settings (child window) of FreeCommander XE using "Grab Active window"; the border includes parts of the main app. Works fine with different other apps. Might be some bad setting?

SC settings:


hi joby.

the border includes parts of the main app.
--- End quote ---

This is a known and low-priority issue that happens when you are trying to capture a semi-transparent window which is a child window in front of a main form.  Basically the parent form refuses to get out of the way to let SC figure out the background transparency.

I may have a look at the issue again sometime in the future.

Thanks for the report though.

thanks bob99 too.  looks like it's close to official release day..

Oops! Should've read the forums more often!   :-[

I downloaded the latest version. I noticed the following:

1) Using Ctrl+A now works to select all objects in Object mode. This allows me to quickly select and delete all objects. Thanks for correcting.
2) I can see that count number for the "modified (XX)" count now shows the count number. I'm still having sometimes the last ")" being cutoff. It doesn't happen all of the time, just sometimes. I'm trying to replicate the steps that cause it to be truncated. I'm not sure if it's when I come back to a screen capture after having selected a different capture.
3) I had a scenario where I applied multiple Undo's and got back to Modified (0), but kept hitting Ctrl+Z and had modifications from other captures applied to active capture. Will try to replicate again. Are the modifications only saved for the current capture or the current session? So if you go between captures in a given session are all modifications saved to each individual capture until you close the session?
4) I have "Switch to Object Selection mode after new object" unchecked in order to place multiple objects. This is working correctly for me. The question I have is that when I've placed several highlighting objects, and while still in highlighting object mode, it doesn't appear to be possible to modify the width / length of the box. I had assumed that since placing the box the yellow resizing circles are present, that I would be able to hover over the circles of the object just placed and be able to resize it. Doing so, does not present the resizing arrows. This may be by design, and if so it's a little confusing since it appears that the object could be resized. I would prefer to be able to resize the existing object or place a new object.


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