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Screenshot Captor 3.28 aka 4.0RC Beta Test - Mar 17, 2013 - Feedback Wanted

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Cool, yes the S does the pop-up.

I'm not able to download and test the latest beta right now but thought I'd mention something I noticed with the "web cam" test yesterday.
When I did a capture with it it used the information I currently had in the quick field. "Test %num%" (no quotes.)
But instead of picking up with the number sequence from the previous screen captures, it started at 001. Causing a duplication of what was already there.
You may have already noticed and fixed. I'll try and load the latest and test later today to see.
Maybe provide an option to save "web cam" captures to a different directory? A thought.

New version is up, with two substantial improvements regarding Object editing.

First, the undo handling is improved, especially for modifying object properties and text.  You should find it does a much better job of letting you undo changes to an objects properties, and better feedback in the status bar when doing so.  The right-hand panel in the status bar now shows you how many undo buffer steps are available when working with a modified file.

I still advise all serious SC users who are editing a non-trivial screenshot with lots of objects to train themselves to occasionally use the "Save+" button which quickly saves a new version and lets you keep working on it -- it's the best possible way to give yourself some safety if you mess up and want to go back to a previous version.

Second, I noticed that in previous versions if you did some manipulation to the files entirely within the thumbnail browser (like dragged+dropped them to move them between folders), the hidden .object files would not follow -- which would result in a loss of the editable .object files after such actions.  This is now fixed and SC will pick up on any such move/copy/rename/delete operations and make sure the .object files follow the files.

Thanks again for all the testing -- I'm hoping to go live with a non-beta on monday.

I'm thinking of making some more short how-to videos for Screenshot Captor, to show how to do certain things efficiently.
Does anyone have any requests for specific how-to videos for SC?
(existing videos are here).

I may have a request. Want to go back through the previous ones again 1st.
Will try and let you know by tomorrow.


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