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Screenshot Captor 3.28 aka 4.0RC Beta Test - Mar 17, 2013 - Feedback Wanted

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New version is up.

The big change here is that i've removed the old clipart set, and replaced it with a smaller set of clipart created by DC member App103.  This makes the download a bit smaller, and the old clipart will be downloadable as an Addon pack.  Big thanks to App for her clipart work!

Note that the old clipart directory will be removed by the installer -- if you are using the portable download you can compare and delete your original Clipart\1 directory and some others.

Last call for bug reports!

No bug, just a suggestion for the text-at-arrow-feature:

right now the box and the text inherit the color that is set for the line.
As for the box that's ok IMO but to make the text readable on all backgrounds it would be good to have an independent setting for the text color.

new version up -- in the last version my efforts to allow double-clicking to switch between object+normal mode ended up making it impossible to double-click to edit text boxes :)

Just a quick addition: what I wrote of course only makes sense when it would be possible to make the text background transparent. Currently you can just set a better matching background color.

I'm hoping I'm wrong but it seems I'm seeing problems with captions again.
Testing the latest update today.
What I have placed in the 'Add Caption to Picture' in configuration is displayed. But it is not picking up what is being added from the pop-up prompt.

I've tried just pressing enter after adding something in the short comment line. Also tried by pressing the save and show button.
Same applies using the [...] button.

I'm seeing the info from 'Add Caption to Picture' and that is all in each of the cases.

What additional info can I provide?


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