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Screenshot Captor 3.28 aka 4.0RC Beta Test - Mar 17, 2013 - Feedback Wanted

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Have the latest version.
Double checked to make sure that section of the .ini was deleted.
Here's the shot-

ok i can confirm the problem when using enlarged font setting  :mad:  god i wish i could kill whoever at microsoft came up with that setting.. causes no end to problems..  ok at least i can reproduce and investigate.  i will report.

to be sure I downloaded and installed again
checked reset all settings to default

edit-but didn't delete that part of the .ini, but i see you can reproduce it...

Ok, thanks for your patience.
I've uploaded a new version -- can you give that a try and give me another screenshot?
And also let me know what Operating System you are using.

I'm just glad I can help, thanks for SC!
Ok, this looks better, Thanks.

edit-o yeah, windows 7 32bit


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