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"Incorrect" filename for "Grab selected region"

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I have uploaded a new beta to:

* Or if you prefer portable:
There are quite a few changes in the new version, including some major revamping of active window selection code responsible for the behavior you've identified.  I'm hoping the new version will fix your problem and also do a better job of highlighting the active window when doing things like region captures, etc.  But i've changed enough that it's possible I broke something so I hope to get some good beta tester reports.

Can you let me know how it works for you?

Well... the EXE is 3.08.01....

Wrong URL, I would say  ;)

arg! i forget to use the beta urls.. fixed!  try again please.

Seems to work way better.

What's the logic? If the region intersects with a window, you use that window's caption?

What if it intersects with more than one window?

if some part of the active foreground window is within the captured region, that is used.

if not, it tries to guess which window should be treated as the "active"/foreground window within the capture -- first by looking at cursor location, then at center of capture.

when it finds one, it uses that info for the caption and memo, but then also tries to find the largest contained subwindow to actively select -- which can be useful for performing blur effects, etc.


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