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Rogue likes for PC

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WOW! DoomRL is beautiful. Definitely going to check that one out! Only scary thing is the sprites they're using wouldn't be far off the original resolutions :P

I've heard my friends talk about these Ancient Domains of Mystery( , Dwarf Fortress( and Incursion: Halls of the Goblin King (, don't know if they are any good though :)

Another one that is very popular at the moment is 'FTL: Faster Than Light' . Set in space.  Very basic,  very lightweight indie game that I have really enjoyed.  Not enough space here to do a full review but check out totalbiscuit's review on YouTube if you want a look at it. Costs about $5 for a DRM free edition or a steam key from I'm not affiliated at all just a happy gamer. -nidusin (March 04, 2013, 05:42 AM)
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I just bought this from for $2.50 (using Humble Store which means it's also redeemable on Steam) (and the game is also available on for the same price) (both prices are sales that end in about 11 hours!) and it's awesome. I just wanted to say: Get it now while it's cheap. Or don't, and pay full price for it. It's worth it either way.

I made a DonationCoder themed ship with Mouser, Josh, and Gothic. (Josh had already died by this point, due to some infectious space disease.)

Here's the full nearly hour-long video of this play session:

DoCoShip's Final BattleHere's a video of the final battle of the DoCoShip.


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