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Licensing in a Post Copyright World


A nice discussion of licensing issues:

Great find, thanks for sharing  :up:

Finally got around to reading that...

This I found interesting:

That camp exists because the Free Software Foundation is largely stuck in their own world where cloud computing is the devil, cell phones are exclusively tracking devices and Android is something the GPL should prevent from happening.
--- End quote ---

Well, cloud computing *IS* the devil. (Unless you run it yourself or ensure that it is all strongly encrypted.)

And yes, mobile devices *ARE* tracking devices.

Nothing really controversial there.

But there was a lot of meat in there.

What we really need is for Sealand to set up a set of servers and a credit card processing company and for it to ignore all licensing issues. :P Poof! ASL and GPL are now married in harmonious bliss~! :P ;D

Now for the people that download... well... they can always move to Sealand! 8)


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