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Long post about the new 50% Discounts (!)

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thanks nudone, i appreciate that - i wanted to do something to show you guys how much we appreciate you helping us kick start this project off on the right foot.

I'm going to have those discount codes/forms up any day now - we just have to sort out the best logistics for it.  ScooterSoftware is a small enough company that you could probably email them right now to have them apply the discount with your purchase, but it's probably best if everyone could wait until we get a the official codes set up.

What's great about your efforts to gain these discounts, mouser, is that it provides complementary sites and blogs a central place to recommend to their users, who I hope soon after become charter members through donation/s. So thanks.

sounds great.

and like i've started saying, the discount codes are meant to encourage people to join, so they shouldn't be posted on public forums,
BUT like everything at, we aren't trying to be jerks about such things - if you have a couple friends or family or etc who wants the discount code, it's cool to share it with them.  the idea of requiring membership is like everything else here, its really mean to encourage people to join.

 so if you tell someone about why you like, and suggest they consider joining, then that's good enough for me and you're free to give them the discount code without requiring them to donate to get it.


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