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Ever had a question you wanted to ask Bill Gates?

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Fred Nerd:
[–]thenss 435 points 13 hours ago

What's your opinion on linux?


[–]PLanPLan 43 points 9 hours ago

I'm sure Linux tests Bill's patents ... I mean patience.


Fred Nerd:
I have the Microsoft Vista for Dummies book, if you need it.


[–]Crookward 2412 points 14 hours ago

The new edition is one page long. It says, "upgrade to Windows 7".

[–]Oceloctopus 351 points 13 hours ago

That's interesting, given that previous editions were also one page saying, "Downgrade to Windows XP"


Do you have a dollar Bill?

(I never could get those commas right.)

Here's Bill Gates' resume from 1974:

...At the time Gates was a freshman at Harvard; he said he'd be available from June 1974, would be happy to work "anywhere," and suggested a salary baseline of $15,000. Both Gates and Allen worked at Honeywell in the summer of 1974, before Gates dropped out of Harvard the following year to start Microsoft. Two decades later, Gates would be anointed the world's richest man...
--- End quote ---


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