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When to trust co-workers with your income?

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Man, I hate when I forget about my own threads... that's embarrassing.  :-[

40hz: that discussion still ongoing for you - or have you already made your move?

if you're still looking, I can introduce you to a nigerian prince...

or you can get help from nigerian generals wife..

 ;D ;D  Love the support I get from DC.

Yeah, I trusted a couple of folks.  It turned out pretty well.  I'm set up for a 15% bump in base pay  with my transition to Hadoop Administration.  Best pay raise I've seen since the late 90's when everyone in IT was making 10% increases/year.

At least I feel I've earned this one.  I've been @ the company for 4 years, saved them 100's of millions of dollars* and have lived thru 1.5% or less increases annually.  I know economic times are tough, but I never understood failure to reward those who are helping the company survive.

So, in the end it's good news.  :P

*documented by others, not me. :)


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