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Alright folks, let the religious war begin!

I am looking to start a good discussion on what is currently considered to be the best available FREEWARE IDE for Java development. I know there are a lot of factors to take into account when selecting an IDE (Debugging ability, feature-set, etc.). To me, the most important aspects of an IDE are autocomplete, express evaluation (hover over to get current value or diving further), and debugging ability.

With that said, I would like some input as to what others consider and even suggestions. I use eclipse...well, because most suggest it as the "de-facto" standard. I am not sure if this is because it is free, or because most Android development takes place in it. Android support is important for me, but it is not a must. I am having fun learning Java right now but I find eclipse to be a bit "clunky" with common place things like auto-complete. JDeveloper is looking nice and I think that the ADF mobile tools might fit in quite nicely once I get through my first Java app.

Anyways, let he discussion begin. What features are important to you? What IDE do you use and why?


I mainly use:

* Visual Studio
* MonoDevelop
* Eclipse
On rare occasions, I strap myself to the rack or step into the iron maiden for the torture of Xcode. It's been a while since, but from what I hear, it's better now than my last water boarding. (But that's not for Java.)

For Eclipse... I hate it. It sucks. It's just a goddamn nightmare to use compared to either VS or MD.


NSFW - No longer capable of maintaining any semblance of civility...royal ass-fucking begins with the project in Eclipse... You end up with a cluttered cluster-fuck of multiple projects and just complete fucking idiocy. Loading becomes far from trivial. And this is just the simplest of things. Just how fucking hard is it to ONLY LOAD ONE GODDAMN FUCKING PROJECT??? (The workspace thing just pisses me off.)

Sigh... I don't like Eclipse much.

I do like MonoDevelop very much though. While it's not VS, it's still really damn good. You get everything that you'd expect with very few frustrations.

But, I don't use MonoDevelop for Java - that's purely Eclipse for me (and rarely VS for quick edits sometimes).

What I'm curious about is Netbeans. A while back they had some issue where if you installed Netbeans, you basically hosed your system entirely with no hope of recovery. (WRT editing Java, etc.) I'd bet that they've solved that by now though.

I've heard amazing things about IntelliJ, but never used it.

(I don't to a lot of primary productive stuff in Java, though I deal with a lot of Java code.)

I'll be very interested to hear what people have to say on this topic. :D

Eclipse, since it's the de facto standard - and I'm more or less forced to use one of those "vendor value-added" (read: lobotomized) Eclipse versions at work. Can't say I'm a big fan of Eclipse, but that's probably because I'm comparing it to Visual Studio... which isn't really fair :). It gets the job done (and oh, it would be sweet if I could a recent version of standard Eclipse instead of the Adobe junk!), and that's about it.

Tried to take a look at NetBeans a couple of times, but didn't really see much point to it; didn't seem to be much of a speed difference between it and Eclipse (at least not with smallish test projects), but since there didn't really appear to be any glaring benefits in NetBeans, I always ended up with the familiarity of Eclipse.

Some of my coworkers praise IntelliJ, but haven't used it myself - and it costs a pretty penny. There's a free Community Edition, though, with a pretty decent feature set.

Ah, again this same question  :D

IMHO, there is only 1 java IDE and that's Eclipse.

I also use NetBeans, but I always feel I'm treated like idiot by it, so I'm somewhat discomforted when using it. And the projects are a disaster as it's impossible to switch project-type, or have a project that builds using both ant and maven.
And when working with VS2010, I crave for the autocomplete and javadoc features of Eclipse. The only good feature there is the search feature during intellisense but I expect the next release of Eclipse to have that too.

So no IntelliJ users?

Looking for an excuse to try it :)


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