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booklets already scanned

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its rare when someone actually reads the instructions i write - makes life a lot easier

i've added your booklet to the online emualtor :Thmbsup:
give it a try :)

very fun! finally people can make some sense out of that tape now :)

even though the some of the booklets have been scanned over at that, if you ever get the urge to put them into this same format like you've done with this one, i'd love to get those to add to the emulator as well, i know the author of that site would approve (you should add a link at the bottom of the html page crediting him and pointing them to the site page where they came from).

I realized I didn't have the gif files in there so I added them to that download. If you want the fixed one, just re-download it, and it will have the gif files too. 

Thanks.  And hey.  I'm loving it already.  lol

great, added them now.

for subsequent booklets i think it would pay to use png format for both thumbnails and full images -
and maybe aim for about 30-50k files for the thumbnails, and maybe 100k for the full images?

but no, never mind that, its probably best if you leave them big and not very compressed for the official archive, and i can recompress them for the lofi web version and keep them best quality for the hifi cd version?

all the more reason though to use png format as its easier to batch compress the files and not have to change their names in the html.
ok so recap: keep aiming for about 100-150k files for thumbnails and maybe 200-300k for main images.  but use png format and i will recompress them small for the lofi web version, and keep your originals for the hifi cd version.

gifs added to web version  :up:

:tellme: Not sure I can find any booklets but will look around.  Also, I was thinking of making separate button covers for EVERY cartridge.  Color code them different & mess with the fonts.  Maybe .. dunno though.  What U think?  :-*


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