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Suggestions for low vision problems while working on a computer

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yes, ath, the tv is set to extend desktop.  tv resolution is 640 x 480.  the laptop is 1024 x 600.

tv resolution is 640 x 480
-techidave (February 11, 2013, 04:47 PM)
--- End quote ---
Huh? Even my CRT tv can do better than that. I'd expect that size to be show in a 'passe-partout' style on any tv.

You'd prolly better find the native resolution of the tv, and configure the laptop with that for the external monitor, then the image is going to be much better viewable, I guess.

Not sure if you will have seen these - possibly useful - discussions on DCF:

* alternatives to windows magnifier
* Screen Mask
* Re: PDF-XChange Viewer ($FREE version) - Mini-Review (as at 2012-10-04)
Also, if not already done, check out these potentially useful references: (some referred to in the links above)

* NoSquint - a Firefox extension that allows adjusting the text-only and full-page zoom levels as well as color settings for websites.
* f.lux™ - Better lighting...for your computer (referred to in the above DCF links).
* and for software for visually-impaired PC users, including Dark Screen (check for viruses if you download this).
My experience of modifying the inbuilt Windows system colours, fonts, etc. for people with macular degeneration is that such methods are constrained by being a bit complicated and are not entirely successful.
The built in "Ease of Access" mods in Windows, designed for visually-impaired users, also seem a bit limited.
If a web-based email access were used instead of the Windows Live Mail desktop program, then NoSquint could be ideal as its settings are pretty flexible and can be set for a given website.

thanks for the suggestions, Ianb.  I will check them out.  I have personally used f.lux before.  I havent heard about nosquint before.

As for the inbuilt windows system colors, etc., they are in my opinion, limited and difficult to set and have them set for any "window". 

I have also compared the display settings on my win 7 and win computers and they do have a few more settings that XP does not have.  I may have to upgrade her as her condition deteriorates to see if that can help her.

Screen Mask also looks useful.  As does some of the other programs on that site


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