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Looking for a minimalist Desktop Calendar Application..

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That second one looks like exactly what mouser said :)

Another few suggestions that may or may not meet requirements but worth a look

Desktop Calendar
My Calendar
Desktop iCalendar Lite
Ultimate Calendar
-rgdot (January 30, 2013, 06:39 PM)
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The Desktop iCalendar Lite looks a lot like an old Yahoo widget I am using. Decided to give it a try, since Yahoo Widgets are no longer supported.

The installer for Desktop iCalendar Lite is NASTY. Very tricky and confusing and likely to install a bunch of crapware if you don't pay attention and read everything very carefully.  After unselecting the crapware and clicking next, you get a popup that asks if you are sure that you don't want it. The proper response is to click cancel, not OK. Then it offers you another crapware item and does the same thing, only how to unselect it is a bit more confusing. You have to select the advanced option, then uncheck all the checkboxes there, then it does the same thing as before with the popup trying to get you to change your mind, to which "cancel" is the correct option. ("Better Installer" my ass! )

Classic Calendar
-kilele (January 31, 2013, 10:05 AM)
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That   looks like exactly what mouser said :) -wraith808 (January 31, 2013, 10:15 AM)
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I don't know how old Classic Calendar is, but the installer is from 2005.
The author of Classic Calendar seems to have switched to Mac OS.


I downloaded Classic Calendar and it works with XP and Win7. It is a nice, simple program and is what I've been looking for to calendar work appointments.-Joe Hone (February 12, 2013, 10:09 AM)
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-but it will only minimize to taskbar, not to tray - it has no "connection" to  Windows' clock or calendar.

On another topic:

The installer for Desktop iCalendar Lite is NASTY. ... ("Better Installer" my ass! )-app103 (January 31, 2013, 10:52 AM)
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-thank you for the warning, app103  :up:

I've also spent a while searching for a good simple calendar.  Nothing really great.  I settled on Calendarscope eventually.  I liked it because it is very fast, very lightweight.  Visually was perfect.  The best part was the coloring of the dates for the small calendar "thumbnails" .  It's the only program that would color the small dates according to the task inside that day.  All other calendars would only shade in one color a day IF it has a task or not.  This allows you to quickly glance at a month(s) view and be able to tell more or less the important thing that distinguishes that day by color.  I would suggest you add that feature to your calendar if possible.  Please make use of colors all over the place: for the individual tasks, for the quick viewing of the large wall day boxes, and the small day thumbnails.  i think that would be a very distinguishing characteristic of a new calendar app. 

check out the thumbnail view for calendarscope:
Looking for a minimalist Desktop Calendar Application..

I'd be very interested in your idea of the simple calendar app.  I've never found one (thank you!).  I used calendarscope, then found it to be too much.  I almost got vueminder, but it's such a huge freaking program....does too much.

I know you don't want syncing...but my question is this: I have to manage my own schedule and it can get complicated between work, side job, band rehearsal, family events.  If i don't keep track, I will forget a lot of things.  I'm getting tired of manually managing all these things, and I find all the calendar apps too cumbersome to make me want to use (Outlook, google, third party like calendarscope, etc.).  So I really like your calendar idea.  But I will eventually need it with me on my smartphone when I'm around.  Are your intentions to completely avoid such functionality?  And if so, how do you deal with situations like that?

Perhaps without syncing to specific protocols, can you think of a way to automate getting a text file on a smartphone that highlights the activities for that day?  i don't know what, but it would be nice to somehow be able to get the information on a phone.  How about an automated email delivery?  it sends an email each day, and I can always go to my phone and see what I need to do.  Something like that?  Like you, what I really like about your idea is the simple quick entry of tasks without dealing with a bunch of forms and fields and slow, klunky interfaces.  But I hope it's not too much to ask you to consider a way to get it on a phone somehow.

Another thing bothering me now is that I need to coordinate my time with multiple people.  Some use outlook, some use google.  Now that google and microsoft are battling each other, all the friendly syncing is also becoming a headache.  

It's something I was looking at some years ago as well, I tried a few of them, and even bought VueMinder, which is awesome but does way too much I don't really need.

Right now I am just using Google Calendar, it has some clear advantages:

* When you close it, it uses zero system resources
* It's fairly simple, I have a month view, click a day to enter an appointment
* It syncs with the calendars of other members of the family without having to set up strange dropbox workarounds and what not
* It syncs with android phones seamlessly (and many of the calendar programs that do this actually do it through google calendar anyway)
I think you need to have a very specific need in order to create another calendar app, there are lots out there. I can see the point about making something simpler, because many of them are pretty advanced -- but I think it won't be long before you'll want something like sync.


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