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Looking for a minimalist Desktop Calendar Application..

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That is, I just want to simulate a physical wall calendar: you can click to edit in any day box and it should act like a memo where you can simply edit and type the plain text in that box.
-mouser (January 30, 2013, 11:41 PM)
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I used to do exactly this with a WordPerfect calendar — just click in a box and type away. I don't know what word processor you use, but you might take a dekko at its templates.

Now I use VueMinder and am as happy with it as those others who have commented about it here.

Hi Mouser

May I suggest you try 3D Calendar (author Riccardo Thompsom)

it has plenty of extras but they can be disabled if not needed but I think it will cover most of what you are looking for most things highly  configurable to suit ones own taste

have included  a few screenshots for you to look at .
the second has in red the dates that have notes in and they can be seen by hover tip as well as shown under 'events' or just click on the date to see what you have written

Having found nothing that really moves me, I've decided to write a simple version of this tool.

Since I have a bunch of other things that I'm working on that are much more important, this is only going to be a couple day project.

What i want is:
2. Each day box should be a very simple click to edit plain text field so I can just easily write and edit the text notes for a given day.  I don't want to have a form pop up asking me start and stop times, etc.
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-mouser (January 30, 2013, 11:41 PM)
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Not exactly the same thing but it reminds me of the iDoneThis implementation:

Two more calendar apps which might be simialr to asimple editable wall calendar.
ClickTray Calendar
Classic Calendar


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