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Looking for a minimalist Desktop Calendar Application..

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This is EXACTLY the kind of stuff that I love to do. :)

However, it would require a custom calendar control, which is doable, but time consuming.

The default calendar control is not sizable, which presents issue there for a date selection-based approach.

I think this sounds like an HTML5 application as that would be well suited for flowing layouts, sizability, and all that good stuff.

MozNet and Awesomium are the only decent browser controls out there that I've seen lately, but Awesomium is extremely limiting and restricts you to pure HTML/JS/CSS, i.e. It's useless for DOM manipulation in code. MozNet would be a much better choice for a browser-based control. You can do darn near anything in it. (The default Windows WebBrowser is the Trident engine, which blows. Hard.)

Then there's Pokki... Not looking to stir up a flame war, but it is a possibility.

I can't think of any way that I could whip up something presentable in a decent time-frame that I could afford to do.

Maybe someone that's better at custom controls than me can suggest something. Or maybe one of the programs above fits the bill.

It is a very interesting problem though. (I love simplifying things.) 

coolendar seems a pretty handy webapp calendar,
as for an html5 app I've found this interesting article

coolendar seems a pretty handy webapp calendar,-kilele (January 30, 2013, 09:38 AM)
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 :up: coolendar is mainly for smartphones, but:

Vote for an offline version:
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Nice desktop calendar, full view and mini, both with click date to add notes.
A free version and Pro and Ultimate for more features.

-cmpm (January 30, 2013, 05:22 AM)
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Another vote for vueminder :)

I have licenses for both VueMinder Pro and VueMinder Ultimate and I really like it. However, I no longer have it installed because it consistently hammers my CPU and hits my RAM hard. I have since switched to an SSD and keep thinking I should give the latest build another go, but I don't really miss it that much... Great program, otherwise, though. Dan is great to deal with - very responsive and offers good support. In sum, though, it's WAY more than mouser is after...


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