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New version?

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Hey mouser,

any hints on when the new veersion of FARR will be ready?
Also, what happened with the new name? Are you going to stick with FARR or are you going to use Mercury Runner as you once said? I quite liked that new name!

i love the name mercury runner but im afraid it conflicts with an existing product so it's back to the drawing board..

i made the mistake of giving a release date before and let people down so i'm reluctant do give a date; let's say in 2006 though.
what i can say is that there WILL be a new version, there is no doubt at all.  i spent the last several months doing website development here and donationcredits, programming school, forum updates, etc.  so it's pushed me back on schedule.
and i guess im still chewing over possible directions for farr 2 which also has much to do with it.
so please keep the farr v2 ideas coming including the new name.

Might be time for another new-name thread.  I'm voting "Interface: Lucidity" :)

Oh! you are right, there is a "Mercury WinRunner" already  :(

What about "Hermes Runner"? Hermes is the greek name for the roman god Mercury. It is often represented as being a very fast runner (with winged boots), so "Hermes Runner" makes sense... Perhaps it doesn't sound as good as "Mercury" (which I loved) but I still like it... It is hard to come up with a good name!  :D

As for release date, maybe if you released some alpha or beta you would keep us entertained while we wait for the final version?


What about "Hermes Runner"?
-Amadawn (April 25, 2006, 09:13 PM)
--- End quote ---
Isn't "Hermes" the bad guy in the animated movie "hercules"?


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