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FastStone Image Viewer

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^ yeah, that's *not* nice - even if they did give it to you in the end. I had the same experience (described in that link I gave above) but I got so ticked off I didnt take it any further.

But hey, cyberdiva - I think you may have gotten them to change their ways!! :)
They currently have an offer of $54.99, if I follow through on it, it's converted to €43.99 which is only your usual relatively minor exchange-rate rip-off, (lets see, they make $3.50 extra there)**. The last time I tried, the "conversion" into euros magically transformed the $59 offer into the equivalent of $96 - that was when I gave up.

** edit/ my maths were wrong :-[ that converts back to $60 so they take $6 for the favour of converting to euros - not good, but still not as bad as my last experience...

That thing still exists?

I switched from IrfanView (still used for batch conversion) to nomacs (and ported it to FreeBSD) a while back. I had a short glance at Faststone. It was ugly.

Nice to see it update!
I like the full screen photo interface, with the tools that appears moving the mouse on the borders.
The only thing I miss for a quick touch up is a white balance adjust with a gray peeker.

Carol Haynes:
I will have another look at Faststone.

Used to use ACDSee for years but gave when consistent rendering bugs with Canon RAW images persisted across numerous paid upgrades. Every time I reported the bug they said it would be fixed in the next version, which of course they didn't supply to annoyed customers for free. Eventually I gave up.

I now use Lightroom, but it would be useful to have a lighter browser and quick touchup tool that works.

Photoshop as an image viewer? Wow.

When it comes to lightweight, probably still nothing beats nomacs.
BTW, are you a spambot? @ your URL.


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