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FastStone Image Viewer

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After ~1.5 years, a new version!  :)

Version 4.7 (January 28, 2013)
Added Touch Interface (tap, swipe, pinch) support throughout the application
Added a new mouse gesture to move between images: Click at the bottom part of the preview window to switch to the next/preview image
--- End quote ---

and more

Nice, it is a very good piece of software considering it's free for home use :Thmbsup:.

Does it finally support Unicode file names?

I remember having a lot of issues with these in the past.

Thanks very much, rgdot, for posting this info.  I'm not sure why, but I keep switching from one image viewer to another.  Last year I finally bought ACDSee 15, though I no longer remember why.  And a quick look at FastStone makes me wonder again why I bought ACDSee.  FastStone looks very attractive. 

I used Faststone simply as a viewer in the past and liked it a lot. They paid a lot of attention to interface which was nice :-*
Never have used any of it's other features.

@cyberdiva, ACDSee must surely (?) have more comprehensive management features.
I know it's editor has gotten a very good review (dc summary comparing it to Lightroom but negative about interface, which could be the killer blow - against it I mean).


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