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2013 Version: Browser Wars

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Chrome's only virtue is that it increased competition, but it also bought about horrid UI paradigms (tabs in title bar), insane numbering schemes etc.
-MrCrispy (January 29, 2013, 04:27 PM)
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I agree about the version numbering, though I do like the reason behind it -- their rapid release schedule has worked well for them (but perhaps not quite as well for FF).

I do generally like the UI though, annoying as it may feel at first, there is nothing getting in your way, and vertical space is still sparse.  And it certainly is better than that odd FF menu button with the double width menu -- if you want to manually check for updates because the auto-check isn't working for a change, you have to find About in the Help menu, which (to me) feels a bit like that game where you have to move your mouse pointer through a maze without touching the walls ;D.

There are two things that do bug me about the Chrome UI -- only one row of tabs, and the missing separator in bookmarks.

Chrome also insists in going out of its way to prevent me from doing certain things -

- change the location of the profile folder. I don't want it on the c: drive
- not run googleupdate.exe on startup
- no multi row tabs

I've turned off web history for my google account, but I somehow don't feel comfortable in Chrome, as if it might still be tracking me (tin foil hat on). I do like Chrome's sync feature though.

I just use IE. Can't be bothered with using different browsers and, as it's part of the OS and I can't rip it out, I just use it. Generally, I am satisfied with it and see no reason to switch to anything else.

While I really like Firefox there are a few sites that work better with IE.  Our Office 365 login and MS Volume Licensing download pages work so much better with IE than anything else.  There are others but I cannot remember them right now.  I never was a Chrome fan and have tried it several times.

Same book, three different prices. Only difference is the browsers used. (reddit)

2013 Version: Browser Wars


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