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2013 Version: Browser Wars

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Curt, I would also like to know which bank that is as I have yet to find a bank, in the last 2-3 years, that only supports one browser.

My Danish bank is the Swedish giant, Nordea. I can enter the site via any browser, but when I start using the banking features, my (64-bits) Waterfox will log me off. I guess this has to do with Java (or some other fancy technique), rather than browser marque.

My words "Only IE" did not include the ocean of other browsers - or didn't you read the other thread "What browser do you use?", before answering my words about IE? - only Waterfox and Internet Explorer. :-[


64 bit Waterfox is a modestly rare browser. So in many ways that does not surprise me at all.

However I haven't many sites since one particular site from my old job that generic Firefox didn't handle right. Your choice of surveys but it's #2-4 in the browser world, so devs DO test for it.

FYI Nordea works just fine with standard FireFox as well as Chrome, so it's probably a Waterfox thing.



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