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2013 Version: Browser Wars

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What browser do you use, and why don't you use the others?

I use Opera (Still), mainly because IE sucks heavily, Firefox and I don't get on very well (Although, it really isn't all that bad of a browser), Chrome just plain fails constantly and isn't worth the time, nor energy.  I don't really care about any of the other browsers out there, but, I HAVE tried the greater majority of them (Windows) and also SOME Linux (Although, not very many there)


chrome rocks!

I am using Chrome mostly, and I think coupled with WOT and some kind of adblocker it offers a good compromise right now.

I installed it as a second browser besides firefox a year or two ago, with the plan to keep my google account logged in on Chrome and only use it to check gmail and such. Since then I have shifted to mainly using Chrome, primarily because it has just worked for me -- no annoying update procedures that sometimes do not work from non-admin accounts, no fighting with noscript to get sites to work, no updating flash player every other week.

What dawned on me was that I don't really browse the more shady parts of the internet, and the cost of google knowing that I visit DonationCoder and a couple of coding resources -- to me -- was greatly outweighed by not having to waste time fighting with a piece of software that is so rudimentary to our online lives now, that it has to just work.

I too have stuck with Opera, though the most recent versions (certainly everything 12 and the tail end of 11) have had me questioning my browser choice.

My chief frustration is some sort of compatibility problem between Opera and my email host (Dreamhost) where a proportion of my mail simply doesn't arrive! I have a work around - all messages show up if I manually "Resynchronise all messages" but it is a real hassle!

Beyond that I have found 12 to be more unstable than previous versions, web compatibility seems to be getting worse, and it frustrates me that newer features of CSS3 and HTML5 are being added significantly slower than in other browsers.

Why don't I change to something else?

Despite the above issue - I still really love having my email accounts in one place, in a proper desktop app, inside my browser.

And every time I try Chrome or FF I spend a day or more installing addons to incorporate basic out of the box Opera like behaviour.

I use Opera, Chrome, IE, and Firefox, in that order.

Opera is my main browser.

IE I use for some specific things.

Chrome I used because Google has decided to make things break in Opera.

Firefox I use for when I want to check a site that I've not signed into or for when I have cookies in other browsers that muck up what I want to do and I don't feel like deleting individual cookies.

On my Mac, I use Firefox as my main browser.

They all have strengths and weaknesses. It all just depends on what you want to get done.


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