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Run several programs then shutdown


I'm not sure, maybe there already is a program already out there that does this easily, but i would like to
run several programs in a row like CCleaner, BleachBit, ATF Cleaner, and then maybe a defrag utility, maybe a few others and then when they are done, have the computer shutdown.  Also some of these utilities are on a separate partition from the Windows C: drive if that makes any difference.  i guess a batch file could do the job but i googled around and it was still too complicated for my dimbulb mind, lol.

Over here I wrote a program that checks for the existance of specified running tasks, effectively pausing a batch file until they're all finished.

So you could write a batch file something like:

--- Code: Text ---<path to>\ccleaner.exe<path to>\bleachbit.exe<path to>\defrag.exe c:WTPF.exe ccleaner.exe bleachbit.exe defrag.exeshutdown -s
Or you could set up the tasks in Task Scheduler to be performed at shutdown.


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