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Google ad test

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There is no link visible on all pages of this site that specifically links to that page and identifies it as the privacy policy. The average visitor to the site is likely to think there is no privacy policy. And what is more important is that it would be likely that Google would think we don't have one, if they were to ever send anyone here to manually check for it. Without it, Google could decide to suspend your Adsense account and/or keep your Adsense earnings.

You cant post CTR and earnings on public forum.

Lesson of this thread

Google doesn't allow you to move an inch :D

I am trying another advertisement test.

I've re-enabled an old feature of the forum that we experimented with a few years ago that ads an advertisement entry at the bottom of a forum thread with more than a few posts on it.  However, it will only show when you are not signed into the forum, so no forum members will see it.

Since these advertisements won't show to signed-in forum members, the real question will be whether such advertisements has any effect of scaring people off or reducing the number of people who sign up to participate on the forum..  If so then they are unacceptable.  But rather that hypothesize let's experiment and see how it feels.

If you deliberately want to see ads in the forum out of curiosity or because you like them, i enabled a kludge:

* Go to your Profile Forum Information page.
* Find at the bottom where it says "Chance of Displaying Advert. (0-100)" and enter a value of 101, and save.
* Now you should see the forum ads on the bottom of any thread with more than a few posts.

Find at the bottom where it says "Chance of Displaying Advert. (0-100)" and enter a value of 101, and save.
-mouser (April 30, 2013, 02:00 PM)
--- End quote ---

I hope you have done this, just to see what kinds of ads are being shown to visitors.

So far, most of the ads I have seen look just like the following:

Google ad test

A big download button with no hint of what it is actually for, that could be easily mistaken by less savvy visitors for a download button of some DC app, if it appears in a thread discussing one, and they are unfamiliar with the site, as would be the case with a first time visitor coming here from clicking a search engine result.

But what is it really for?

It leads to a site with a bit less than a stellar reputation:

Not really too much info there as to exactly why, until you visit the site in question and notice all the "uninstall" links all over the place and check the reputation of the site they all redirect you to:

Ah, yes, nasty, nasty toolbars, known worldwide as adware/malware/spyware.

Might want to at the very least, add that one to your adsense blocked urls list. I'll give you the exact url on IRC (you'll need that to block it), next time I see that ad.


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