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Google ad test

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Just FYI, I am enabling the google ad on one page on the website (the license key page), for the next 30 days, to see what results it gets.  I will report.

I'm quite interested to hear what happens! I just released an Android app with Google ads. Not expecting much, if anything.

For those who are curious, after week 1 the google ads on that page are bringing in an average of $2.14 per day.
Going to keep running it for another couple of weeks to see if this changes.

Just so you know, Google changed their Adsense policies awhile back to require any website displaying their ads to have and display a privacy policy.

That privacy policy must also mention some stuff pertaining to Adsense ads.

Look under the Google advertising cookies section of this page.

Our privacy page is here:
Let me read what has to be added..
I've added a link to the google terms.


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