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WindowsAndroid - What Microsoft should have been developing instead of Win8


Paul Keith:
(Same as previous thread, from Slashdot)

Direct Download Link:

Which Android: Android 4.0

What is it?: .exe early release for an Android emulator for win7, 8 and vista (I didn't read XP but the site tag says windows system)

A commentor also said:

AndroVM is better, runs on GNU/Linux and already supports hardware accelerated OpenGL rendering of Android games when the game installer is not huge (less than 100 MB in size).
--- End quote ---

I haven't really tried either but from a conceptual standpoint I think the next gen OS should be virtual spaces + desktop environment.

Imagine if you can just flip between lightweight mode, Win7 interface mode, Safe mode restart, Sandbox mode and Win8 interface mode by swiping or mousing towards a spot zone (or whatever the term Linux DE's call that edge into expo or scale mode).

It's something the Linux OS won't provide: A dedicated multi-desktop space for MS Office (LibreOffice in their case) where with a touch of a button/hotkey/voice command/gesture you can batch smart move the same programs but auto-close or hide others based on context.

It would be slick too and distinguish the Windows OS from others. Instead of opening programs, you would be flipping between virtual spaces each with it's own home folder structure but instead of a home folder - a single home folder can host a Document space, a Music space, a Note space...each with their own wallpaper, their own unique interface and their own unique auto-OS settings.

Example, for Process Tamer to work you have to set it and do a bunch of click. If MS can create a OS where your desk space has an option to automatically become uglier (removing effects) the more the process is bogged's a feature that Linux DEs simply won't attempt even if they could. It would be too redundant. Just a command switch could change DE loads but for the burgeoning tablet market it's a slick alternative to seeing the force close pop-up in Android.

Instead there seems to be this ignorance of how much cooler and more in-demand a tablet emulator is than a tablet OS/tablet DE. Such a waste IMO because it's in the emulator that you can best see the difference between how much users really have a demand for a marketplace software like Google Play and what other tablet features are in-demand vs. simply tolerated because there's no choice. Plus MS seems to be ignoring how the tablet is like a moving window in real world usage and not a static screen.


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