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ok option added in redundancy tab.

check it out:

Very nice !  :D

& very fast.


re: window size:  i just checked my copy and it seems to retain the window size i last have it set to.  i will say that there is a minimum window size set statically to 800 x 600 (for folks who still use this antiquated display size) so you can't make it any smaller than that.  i'm not exactly sure if this is what you're experiencing.  but if you enlarge, stretch, or whatever beyond its minimum size, it should (and does with my copy) retain that window size and position to be restored upon next run.  i suppose i could get rid of the 'minimum size' to allow the form to be shrunk down (if so desired); is this what you're asking for?
-seedling (January 25, 2008, 02:59 PM)
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I've worked out what it is:

As you may be able to see from the screenshot, I have a double-width Taskbar (see the chunk of blue below the Start button). Thus RMTM was indeed remembering that its last position was Maximised (res. = 1024 x 768). However it was also (and still is) making an assumption that my Taskbar is single-width. Thus as you can see in the screenshot - the bottom of RMTM is hidden behing the Taskbar and there is headroom at the top -- you can see the other application (foobar) is at the very top of the screen. This is why I couldn't move the window around - as the program believes it is maximised (and in a sense it truly is) it just doesn't look like it; and thus the program is not truly returning to its previous position on last exit. (The Screenshot was taken having closed a Maximised RMTM and then re-opened it --- I should have made that clear).

I hope that explains the problem. Only awkward folk like me (who have double-width taskbars) will experience this problem. Give it a go if you're happy to mess around with your desktop, icons, quicklaunch stuff and you use Win XP.

-parpfish (January 25, 2008, 07:21 PM)
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@ seedling -- Did you fix the window maximise with double width taskbar problem above when you did the new redundancy option? Because that problem has gone away. It now opens maximised and takes into account double width taskbar  :)


this problem actually surfaces in even a single-width bar. i fixed it via a workaround really, but it seems to work nonetheless. :)

I swear I did a new topic, but it's not there.  So I apologize Seedling if I'm mucking up this thread.  I keep getting a "199x is not a valid integer".  This can happen when adding, or removing tracks.  It's not always the same MP3 file that is listed in the statusbar that causes the error.  Help!


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