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Mixtape Maker: Updates and Latest Beta Versions Here

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glad you like the idea, -- hardly critical stuff -- but it would be a really nice additional function to have IMHO.

anyway, thanks for considering it; i'll keep an eye out for developments.

all the best


Support for IPOD is here (mpeg4 files)! :D 19-Jan-2008
  + Added support for all you IPOD folks out there! (MPEG4 files)


Same day so same post ;) believe it or not, this build has some great new features. give it a try BETA 19-Jan-2008
  + Added a Tempo (BPM) filter option
  + Expanded the keyword searching option. It is now possible to search in
    all text tags, lyrics, artists, song titles and/or albums
  * Lots of internal changes including complete re-writes of code.
    This release is therefore labeled as 'beta' until any/all broken bits
    are found and fixed

hi Seedling

Great to see the new additions!  :D
Big thanks!

Though, I can't seem to get the keywords to function.

Tested "Love", in

a) Title (according to Foobar2000 - 129 files contain the string "love")
b) Artist --- (according to Foobar2000 Love, Love Psychedelico and G Love And Special Sauce -- should have come up)
c) Album (according to Foobar2000 - 129 files contain the string "love")
d) All Keywords (according to Foobar2000 - 190 files contain the string "love")

Yet got purely random results, as though Keywords were not used as filter at all.
What ID3 tag versions does RMTM search?

"Use Keywords" and "Set Keywords as Priority" were ticked

Playlist limited to 60 mins, min duration = 10 mins
All genres selected
MP3 only ticked (100% MP3 collection)
Redundancy = 5

AMD Athlon 64 - 3500+

Hope this helps --- let me know if you need any further info.

All the best
and thanks again.

A brief aside that springs to mind: why not auto tick any keyword field where the user enters data and auto untick any field which is clear of data. Just a thought.


Just noticed: (454.9 KB - downloaded 0 times.)

The version of the file (right click, properties) =

Have I got the right file?


Also --- the keywords work when you "use keywords exclusively".

Hope this helps.



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